Sunday, November 8, 2015

HOMETOWN-Where I Belong (2014)


While I'm on this latest boyband binge, I felt the need to share something by one of the newest Irish boybands to have graced my ears within the past month: HOMETOWN. And yes, I've certainly felt right at home with these guys ever since I heard their beautiful single, "Where I Belong". You can go ahead and call this another one of my recent music addictions as well, especially considering how the sing-along part of the main chorus—'la la la la la la la'—gets stuck inside my head. But it's the amazing voice of the guy on lead vocals that I'm hooked to even more, particularly when his voice soars up upon singing the lyrics 'wake me up and show me', 'you say you're feeling lonely' and 'so come a little closer'. That's just the official pop version, which has a lovely guitar-driven melody that contributes to the tenderness of the song's lyrics—belonging with the one you love when everything else goes wrong. The acoustic version is just as delightful; with the main beat stripped out and only the guitar and the HOMETOWN boys lending their voices, the song has a more intimate feeling. Then there's the dazzling version that totally rocked my world: the 'Steve Smart Remix'. A definite MUST-HAVE if you're a dance music lover like myself! All three of these versions have gotten so many replays from me that I've already lost count! I except that I'll have similar rave reviews whenever I get the chance to check out HOMETOWN's other singles and, hopefully, their very first full-length studio album:

1. Where I Belong (Official Pop Version)
2. Where I Belong (Acoustic)
3. Where I Belong (Steve Smart Remix)

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