Saturday, November 21, 2015

Jason Antone-With You (2006)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 21, 2015

It's been a while since I've checked in on some of my favorite male dance artists, and the Chicago native Jason Antone is one of those. Last I checked, there had still been an album and a couple of standalone singles I still hadn't heard yet, so I was happy when I managed to get hold of this eight-track remix package entitled "With You". A sunny, uplifting love long with a thunderous club/house beat makes me happy any day of the week! The 'Mr. Mig Edit' that leads this single off is only but a small tease, and so are the pair of mixes that follow, although I found myself savoring every moment of the 'Nine Two Productions Radio' version because of its heavier bass line, which I like more than the more stripped-down, tribal rhythm of the 'Mike Cruz Radio' version. But the dance lover in me wasn't satisfied until I got to the extended 7+ minute 'Nine Two Productions Club' version, where I'd get a whole lot more bangin' bass for my buck! Yet the coolest-sounding mix of the bunch is definitely the 'Organized Noise Mix' with its suspenseful melody and the strange distorted mechanical sound effects that blip and bleep throughout the four-and-a-half minutes of playtime:

1. With You (Mr. Mig Edit)
2. With You (Nine Two Productions Radio)
3. With You (Mike Cruz Radio)
4. With You (Nine Two Productions Club)
5. With You (Nine Two Productions Mix Show)
6. With You (Mike Cruz Vocal)
7. With You (Mike Cruz Dub)
8. With You (Organized Noise Mix)

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