Monday, November 9, 2015

KOO DÉ TAH-Koo Dé Tah (1986)


Aussie pop and 80's pop—always an exciting (and sometimes very addicting) combination for me, which just about explains why I have so much of it in sitting in my pop music collection and why that collection grows on a regular basis. I felt it wouldn't have been fair if I had only shared the self-titled debut album by the very-short-lived (and curiously named) KOO DÉ TAH with a handful of music listeners, so now I've decided to present it to the rest of the "Music Spectrum" family. What had originally drawn me to KOO DÉ TAH's music is the delightfully sweet and angelic voice of lead singer Tina Cross; I find myself always being a sucker for these playful, girly singer types—think Madonna circa 1984—because they make their songs so much fun and easy to get into! If you'd ask me which song on this album gets me talking the most, it would most definitely have to be "Body Talk". Seems there's a gazillion pop artists who've recorded a song by that exact title or have included the words to that title in a song—Maria Vidal, IMAGINATION, Olivia Newton-John ('let me hear your body talk', of course, being a memorable line from her memorable hit, "Physical")—and they always sound so good. KOO DÉ TAH's "Body Talk" is talking the same language (she wants to hear that body talk!), the funky synthpop rhythm making it an ideal candidate for an 80's party-starter. But I'd also be talking about "Fun Girl", because it's pure fun 80's pop with an enticing bounce to it that keeps me hooked; "Think Of Me", a dancey jam which quickly becomes addicting after my ears have had too many listens of Tina singing 'it feels so good when you're not here'; plus "Missed You So Long" and "Change My Ways", which I adore because I simply love how they sound, the latter having an excellent hook. Oh, and I can't forget about the opening track, "Too Young For Promises", which is pure 80's pop fun, too. And it's a song that totally suits Tina, the lyrics dealing with not being mature enough for long-term commitment. And yes, I was still in that young, immature age when this album was released, but I'm mature enough to honestly say that I'm still a sucker for it:

1. Too Young For Promises
2. Think Of Me
3. Missed You All Along
4. Over To You
5. Body Talk
6. Change My Ways
7. Meant To Be
8. Fun Girl
9. Drift Away (Don't Let It)
10. Into The Future

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