Saturday, November 14, 2015

Kyle Vincent-Trust (1993)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 14, 2015

I trust that many soft rock listeners out there had hear of this guy long before I had, considering I wouldn't hear or see the name Kyle Vincent until sometime earlier in this 2015 year. Quite surprising, I'm sure, as he's another in the seemingly endless sea of artists in popular music who've been around the music block for ages, yet I'm just now getting newly acquainted with him and his music. So two decades later, here I am presenting my thoughts about Kyle's solo debut album—something that had been gifted and recommended to me. When I'd read that he was produced by Cliff Magness, another fine artist from the world of contemporary easy-listening rock I'd had the pleasure to hearing for the first time about a year ago, I trusted that my first round with Mr. Vincent would be a very enjoyable one. Only about three tracks in, I'd made up my mind that he was an excellent choice for my ears tonight, especially considering how much I thought he vocally reminded me of a couple of my favorite rockers: Richard Marx and Bryan Adams. Of the album's more upbeat cuts, I've so far gotten hooked onto "Never Say Die", "Something To Remember Me By" (I think the hook is terrific!) and the energetic and lively "Change The World". As for the slow-beat side, "Maybe It's Better This Way" (I highlight the smooth jazz accompaniment and the way Kyle's voice soars at some points throughout) and "Wherever You Are Tonight" have captivated me enough to where I look forward to playing them for my ears again. 'The Crown Prince Of Soft Pop'—quite the honorable title this guy has been bestowed with, as I learned while reading up on. Well I'll sure someday I'll be crowning him myself after I've taken time out to explore his other music accomplishments later on down the road:

1. A Night Like This
2. Never Say Die
3. Trust
4. Something To Remember Me By
5. Maybe It's Better This Way
6. What Am I Gonna Do?
7. Change The World
8. For All The Wrong Reasons
9. Wherever You Are Tonight
10. Now I Know
11. One Ticket Home
12. Never Say Die (Featuring Gilby Clarke)

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