Friday, November 27, 2015

MUSTO & BONES-The Future Is Ours (1990)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 27, 2015

No need to look very much deeper into the crystal ball to see where your next escape into the house music paradise will take you; I've got you covered right here with the latest addition to my dance collection! "The Future Is Ours" is the debut collaboration between tech-house producers Tommy Musto and Frankie Bones, who became the subject of my latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day' when I discovered the duo also happened to be the producers of one of the songs to the 1990 BLOW MONKEYS album, "Springtime For The World". As I recall, the fifth album by that British sophisti-pop group had an 80's synthpop/electronic sound with an energetic 90's house vibe, and that's exactly the same sound enforced here on "The Future Is Ours". I always enjoy albums like these because there's a mix of fun instrumental dance grooves with a selection of vocal dance jams featuring an assorted cast of guest vocalists on the mic. It's the vocal tracks that kick off this particular house party, starting with a jam that speaks the absolute truth about where my mind is at right now as I write: "All I Want Is To Get Away". Almost feels like I was destined to hear this song, as me and the lyrics sung by the male vocalist (who's name is unknown to me) were in complete agreement. Nothing like good music to be the remedy for helping you make that escape and forget about reality for a while, eh? The rhythms during the instrumental breaks are awesome—my favorite part about this song's production. There's plenty of cuts where the vocals are minimized and you get to enjoy the mixing talents engineered by the MUSTO & BONES duo, highlighted by "See The Light", "Give It Up Girl", "I'm So Confused" (some odd spoken word being delivered throughout this one, speaking about things that happening in the world), "Tequiro", the title track and "This Will Be Mine" (I like that 8-bit Nintendo video game-inspired electronic rhythm that serves as the main arrangement here while the wild female vocal wails—which are forever a signature staple of the 90's house music scene—and the echoed chanting of the title lyrics in the background add flavor to the music). Then there are the cuts where the vocals take grand center stage altogether: "Dangerous On The Dancefloor" and " Don't Give Up On My Lovin' ". The former is your classic hip-house party groove where a guest male MC lays down the raps and rhymes...except with a highly entertaining yet steamy, sexually-explicit twist to the lyrics that might not be appropriate for all listening audiences. That's because the subject of the song is a seductively troublesome lady named Rita whom, as the MC puts it, is like a porno movie on the dance floor. Wearing leather and lace, improving with time like fine wine, S&M on your FM radio dial—just some of the ways the MC describes this dangerous diva. As for the latter, the booming soulful voice of the guest male singer credited as Lee Genesis made an instant and lasting impression on me, turning this album's seventh track into one killer of a jam with an excellent hook and terrific instrumental breaks propelling the music all throughout! So make "The Future Is Ours" part of your future, and find yourself escaping back in time to the memorable music sounds of the past:

1. All I Want Is To Get Away
2. Time Is Running Out
3. See The Light
4. Dangerous On The Dancefloor
5. Give It Up Girl
6. Passion Devotion
7. Don't Give Up On My Lovin'
8. The Music Is Right
9. The Future Is Ours
10. I'm So Confused
11. Tequiro
12. This Will Be Mine

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