Saturday, November 28, 2015

NIGHTCRAWLERS feat. John Reid-Let's Push It (1995)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 28, 2015

Marveling and marveling at all of these new discoveries I've been making in this after-Thanksgiving day-long tech-house music exploration of mine.....and I've been very thankful with each and every one of them. Next up on my journey is the U.K. dance project called NIGHTCRAWLERS, fronted by the versatile, soulful voice of a Scottish singer named John Reid. A cool touch to have the text for their name printed in glowing green neon letters on the front cover artwork pictured above, creating that 'nightlife effect'. And just as cool as that neon text are the smooth house grooves on this album that brought joy to my ears, beginning with "Push The Feeling On". This 'MK Dub Revisited Edit' is good straight-up house, though I could tell there had been something stripped from the main beat—a something that is most likely found on other versions. Like the 'Tub Of Doom Mix' found at the end, for example, which has more happening with the thumping bass line and the synthesized horns in the instrumental breaks. "Surrender Your Love" is one that you'll surrender to.....if only because of the deep bass and its chilled rhythm. The third track is where I first began to really appreciate the guy fronting this NIGHTCRAWLERS crew, noting how well his voice raises effortlessly when delivering the line ' I'll give you lovin', lovin' '. "Should I Ever (Fall In Love)?" is one of those house jams that are so easy to get into; the looping, echoing vocals of the title lyrics just gets stuck to you after so long. Found something especially tantalizing to include on my 'Energy Mix' playlist the very second my ears took in the sounds of "Just Like Before". That cooled melody got to me first, then those looping, echoing vocals and hearing the Scottish singer show off his versatile singing skills by reaching that high note a few times throughout. "Lift Me Up" is one of the more vibrant selections and, perhaps, the one closest to the true 90's house spirit—your a signature get-up-and-move jam with delicious soulful voices supporting the NIGHTCRAWLERS frontman in the background. Those house jams with the minimal vocals and extended instrumental breaks are always a cool treat, and that's exactly what "The World Turned" was for me personally. Probably more appropriate for me to add it to my 'Ambient Chill-Out' mix than my 'Energy Mix'; either way, it's gotten picked as a second favorite of mine and one that I could stay up all night listening to if not just for the refreshingly dreamy melody. After rockin' the house on the dance floor once more with the album's lively title track, things begin to get chilled out for real with the ninth and tenth tracks: "I Like It" and "All Over The World", respectively. They each demonstrate that there's always room for a couple of r&b slow jams within a house party mix, especially with a singer who's voice is more than capable of infusing the right amount of soul into the music to carry the song along. "I Like It" is liked by me very much because of his warm, seductive flow while "All Over The World" and its more trippy, jazzy flow makes me want to keep on listening over and over again. So forget about turning in for the night and crawling into bed; crawl into a quiet space for a private listening affair with John Reid and the NIGHTCRAWLERS instead and let their music keep you up with the other creatures of the night:

1. Push The Feeling On (MK Dub Revisited Edit)
2. Surrender Your Love
3. Don't Let The Feeling Go
4. Should I Ever (Fall In Love)?
5. Just Like Before
6. Lift Me Up
7. The World Turned
8. Let's Push It
9. I Like It
10. All Over The World
11. Push The Feeling On (The Dub Of Doom Mix)
12. Surrender Your Love (MK Club Mix)
13. Don't Let The Feeling Go (Tin Tin Out Vocal Mix)

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