Monday, November 2, 2015

TEN SHARP-The Fire Inside (1993)


Keeping my music senses sharp with more great easy-listening music by TEN SHARP—the last artist I listened to last night and the very first artist I tuned in to this morning. And how could I not, considering how much I've enjoyed their marvelous sophisti-pop sound? I'm already looking ahead to indulging myself in all of the the other releases that remain unlistened to from their career discography, but first, I gotta rave for a a few minutes about the duo's second effort, "The Fire Inside". Wasn't expecting to wake up to the soft, daydreamy ballad, "Where Love Lives", but it sure lured me and my ears in right away, captivating me further with the theatrical, orchestral overtures that form the backdrop for the song's overall majestic production. "Dreamhome (Dream On)" is simply a jazz/pop lover's dream come true, me personally admiring the loftiness in his voice on Marcel's singing of 'dream', plus the cool electronic glitz that plays along with the melody (some more of those sharp instrumental skills by the keyboardist at work here?). The introductory movement of "Lines On Your Face" shares that same beautiful, daydreamy feel as the opening ballad, so you know that my ears were allured by this one just the same—even before the cool jazz break and Marcel's stunningly lofty vocals both dazzled me again! I always like those intimate songs of reflection and reminiscing about good times that have gone by; Track #4's "As I Remember" is another to add to the collection, even if part of the songwriter's lyrics deal with the painful reality of the present. And seeing that I'm forever the sucker for the tender piano ballads as well, I instantly fell in love with "Wildflower", from the tender soulful harmony to the poetic, honest words that depict a woman being perfect just the way she is without being picked or ever falling in love with anyone else. Seems this Dutch duo has an uncanny knack for creating exquisite tribute songs, too. After being filled up on replays of "Ray" and "You" from listening to their "Under The Water-Line" album last night, I was totally appreciative of their delivery of "Fly Away". The instrumental accompaniments on all of these songs are terrific, but I'd have to say they're at their absolute finest on "Blue Moon", a lovely piece that does anything but make you feel and and blue; rather, it's a song that sets your mind on what an ideal, perfect night could be like.....something that could happen only 'once in a blue moon', as the old adage goes? Fittingly concluding this second sublimely jazzed-up pop album is the true slow-tempo jazz piece, "Say It Isn't So". And on that note, all I have left to say is that the music here will surely warm your heart, and that's the real fire burning inside:

1. Where Love Lives
2. Dreamhome (Dream On)
3. Lines On Your Face
4. As I Remember
5. Close Your Eyes
6. Rumours In The City
7. Wildflower
8. Fly Away
9. Blue Moon
10. Say It Isn't So

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