Friday, November 6, 2015

TEN SHARP-Shop Of Memories (1995)


I must say that things have been lookin' mighty sharp the past few days here at "The Music Spectrum"! Couldn't help but to hear at least one more album by this Dutch duo, so I went deeper into their discography and helped myself to multiple listens of their third effort, "Shop Of Memories". And what new music 'memories' did my multiple listens create for me this time around? "Whenever I Fall" and "Working Overtime": those are my #1 and #2 personal favorites, respectively. The former's still got that sweetly jazzed-up sophisti-pop thing going on, primarily with the beautiful accompanying melody provided by the skilled trumpeter. And I just love the hook: 'whenever I fall, it will be into your arms again'. As for the latter, it's a lively jam with so much flavor and pizzazz, accented by that signature superb keyboard playing and unexpected charge of the rock guitars (just a couple of the highlights in the overall dramatic production). Have already played it at least three times (probably more), so I could say that I've been working overtime myself in staying tuned in to this one! That rock guitar element, in fact, becomes a distinctive feature throughout the remainder of the album, which sees a noticeable shift away from the jazzy sophisti-pop my ears experienced on TEN SHARP's first two albums and more towards the mainstream contemporary pop/rock round; that was apparent the moment I heard "After All The Love Has Gone". The sound still suits them quite nicely, particularly on the majestic power ballad "Rain" (one of the more 'harder' rain songs I have ever heard; I had expected a more tender delivery as other 'rain' songs I have listened to before), "Something's Changed" and especially the concluding cut, "Goodbye, Bye-Bye", which shares the same lively energetic vibe as "Working Overtime":

1. After All The Love Has Gone
2. Feel My Love
3. Working Overtime
4. Rain
5. Shop Of Memories
6. Whenever I Fall
7. Waterfront Hotel
8. Something's Changed
9. Always A Friend
10. Goodbye, Bye-Bye

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