Friday, November 13, 2015

Teri Ann Linn-Love Is The Answer (1993)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 13, 2015

Do you know what 90's pop album features the sweet, angelic voice of a lady who is a former actress on a long-time running American daytime soap? I've got your answer right here: "Love Is The Answer". I was never a watcher nor a popular fan of the half-hour format of "The Bold And The Beautiful", but I can say that I'm a fan of the bold and beautiful Teri Ann Linn., knowing how much of a delight all of the songs are on this 1993 debut album of hers! I like it when nearly every love song on an album is full of positive and cheerful words; I like it even more when there's a steady delivery of funky, jazzed-up grooves to go along with the music. It's a shame, shame, shame that the jazz accompaniment to the opening cut is so catchy that I wish there could've been an instrumental-only version. But perhaps it's best leaving it exactly as it is—a great pop song that'll entice you to continue listening to the delicious songs that follow it. Teri's voice is amazingly soothing on the nice and chilled "Key To My Heart", a personal favorite of mine. You can totally sense and feel the romantic warmth on sunny songs like "In Your Eyes", "I Do Love You", "Love Is Some Kind Of Miracle" (isn't that the truth!) and the beautiful title track, which I'm particularly fond of, as Teri's voice has this exotic, echoing about it here that allures me (the way she breathlessly whispers 'it's alright' is a breathtaking moment). And do you know what songs on here I adored the most? I've got your answer for that question, too: the trio of "Mr. E", "Rise" and "Red Zone Room". You'll surely get that 'uh-oh, it's-time-to-jam!' feeling the moment the high-energy house beats to all three slam into your ears! "Mr. E", though, actually kinda has an eerie, ambient downtempo vibe about it to the point where it probably is better suited for chill-out listening than club dancing. As for the other two, well, they're definitely get-up-and-move jams tailor-made for the dance floor! Teri even instructs the listener to 'rise to the power of the jam' on "Rise" while her minimal vocals and the club rave-worthy rhythms (the male DJ swooping in during the rap break adds some spice to the music) on "Red Zone Room" allows you to rise even higher with the former daytime soap star:

1. It's A Shame Shame Shame
2. Key To My Door
3. In Your Eyes
4. I Do Love You
5. Mr. E
6. Love Is The Answer
7. Love Is Some Kind Of Miracle
8. I'm Gonna Love You Forever
9. Rise
10. Red Zone Room

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