Friday, November 27, 2015

TWO 4 YOU-Better Let You Know (1990)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 27, 2015

There's not a better way to bounce back into the 90's than with some more bangin' house beats! Completing my collection of singles by this German dance duo is their debut effort entitled "Better Let You Know". Might've completed that collection a lot sooner had I realized that this duo's name had the alternative spelling of '2-4-U', which is the variation used for this particular single exclusively. In this classic feel-good house jam, a master MC credited as K.M.C. throws down the raps and rhymes while the lofty vocals of the TWO 4 YOU crew brings home the lyrics to the warming main chorus and the chanting of '3-4-3-2-1' pumps the energy up. Kinda different that the 6+ minute 'Club Mix' kicks off the house party before the proper 3+ minute 'Radio Edit' version. But then again, if I were to throw a house party, I'd surely wanna play all of the jams that maximize the beats and the rhythms to the fullest, and that's what the 'Club Mix'—plus the 'Feel The Groove Mix', which also runs for 6+ minutes—would do for the listening guests in attendance. If those aren't enough beats to satisfy you, the instrumental reprise entitled "Better Beats" will keep you company until the very end:

1. Better Let You Know (Club Mix)
2. Better Let You Know (Radio Edit)
3. Better Let You Know (Feel The Groove Mix)
4. Better Beats

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