Tuesday, November 10, 2015

WILKINSONS-Nothing But Love (1998)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 10, 2015

That's right—nothing but love for my newly-discovered Canadian family country band. Technically, though, THE WILKINSONS themselves are not newly-discovered, as I've owned their debut CD for quite some time after it was generously gifted to me in a collection that included a slew of other CD's; newly listened to would be a better way of saying it. Considering it had been a while since I've treated my ears to some nice contemporary country music, it was refreshing to hear some good ole country vocals for a change with all the things dance and pop and jazz and everything else I've been tuning into for the past few weeks. Lead by sister Amanda and backed up by her brother, Tyler, and their dad, Steve, the trio had delighted me early on with the touching story about a mother's love presented on the opener, "26¢", and the upbeat number, "Boy Oh Boy", which is a fun country spin on that classic he's-got-me-under-that-spell romantic theme you hear in so many popular love songs. "Don't I Have A Heart?" started to get stuck to me around the second or third time (yep, I've been wearing this CD out, too) I played it, especially whenever daddy Steve comes with the line 'I don't know much, but don't I have a heart?'. But the song that would get me entranced under a spell of sorts was the CD's fifth track: "The Yodelin' Blues". This song's just awesome! Totally gets me into the country spirit! At first, there's just the bluesy groovin' with the country rhythm as Amanda sings about a rocker named Billy, but it's when Amanda starts yodeling in the chorus herself where I when I found myself completely hooked! Yodeling and country music—a unique combination that I don't hear very much...if even at all? Unfortunately for me, this was the only song where I'd get to hear that skilled yodeling talent of hers, but I can listen to it anytime now and hear all the yodeling and country blues groovin' that I want until my heart's content. "Back On My Feet", a fun song about the self-confidence of a woman who's found a new stride after all the mess she's been through, is easy to get attached to as well. And one of the most charming songs on this CD—both lyrically and vocally—that I probably haven't played enough for myself yet is the concluding mellow piece, "One Faithful Heart" (led by brother Tyler this time, I believe), which fits this "Nothing But Love" theme to right down to the tee. I just love the acoustic guitar that plays along with the soft, tender melody, though it's so much of a tease when the song itself lasts just a few seconds over the three-minute mark. But that, plus the fact that my mind is still wrapped up in "The Yodelin' Blues" and the fact that I've just been missing country music altogether, gives me good enough reason to pop this CD right back into the boombox and play it all over again:

1. 26¢
2. Boy Oh Boy
3. Fly
4. Don't I Have A Heart?
5. The Yodelin' Blues
6. Nothing But Love (Standing In The Way)
7. The Word
8. Williamstown
9. Then There's You
10. Back On My Feet
11. One Faithful Heart

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