Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cheyne-Something Wicked This Way Comes (2004)


Oh it's something wicked alright! Wicked HOT—that would be this latest rare treasure of mine from my Aussie pop collection by the delightful diva Cheyne Coates! And in this season of giving and sharing, I thought it would be nice if the rest of the pop music world could get to know her just as I have. Cheyne had started out with the short-lived electronic music project called MADISON AVENUE, whose music, oddly, I've yet to indulge in; I had somehow jumped ahead about four years to check out Cheyne's solo efforts first which, even more oddly, started and ended with this thrilling eleven-track debut of hers. Didn't take me long at all for this Aussie diva and her bewitchingly sultry, Macy Gray-like voice to allure me the moment I'd heard her singing on the opening dance jam, "Femininity". I absolutely adore this song, especially digging all of the provocative lyrics that she teasingly delivers all throughout (that 'do you like the way my hips swing left to right?' gets me every time) and that awesome 'clap your hands' break midway through. I remember playing "Femininity" twice in a row then, after I'd listened to the whole album, played it again; I'd gotten addicted to it soooooooooooooooooooooo much in a very short amount of time! I absolutely adore "Taste You" as well, but this time around, it's more so because of the production which has a distinctively 80's synthpop sound and a sweet jazzy saxophone accompaniment&mdashla combination that is total music to my ears!—even though I love the playful manner in which Cheyne sings the line that goes 'I want you so bad I can taste you'. Then there are the songs that are simply super-catchy and impossible not to get hooked onto before you even finish one round with them: "I've Got Your Number" (it's the sass in her conversational-style delivery that allures me here), "Bitch" (love that pumpin' bass in the dance rhythm, plus the robotic monotone she uses to sing the lyrics; makes me think about Lady Gaga and her hit "Poker Face"), "I Don't Do Nice" (nor nothing cute, nothing sweet, and nothing that's right—yeah, she shows just how wicked she really is on this one!), "Label Whore" (a fun-filled adventure into her world of shopping for only the trendiest name-brand fashions) and, my personal favorite, "Pony", which has that racy, cabaret showgirl sound with a lively, upbeat, funky jazz swing (the skilled piano playing is definitely a production highlight!) and casino crowd ambiance infused into the music for full added effect. Perhaps not as wicked as the aforementioned jams, but there's a couple of tunes that venture more into the realm of ambient/electronica that are nice on the ears: "Glory Girl" (the cooled downtempo beat makes this one ideal for the ambient chill-out playlist) and "Doesn't Mean A Thing", which conjures up memories of those 8-bit video games from the 80's with its heavy synthpop arrangement (I like Cheyne's intimate, conversational-style delivery on this one as well, not to mention her surprisingly angelic voice that's heard at time instead of her usual sultry, raspy bite). So many Aussie pop stars have made their way here onto the "The Music Spectrum", and this divalicious Cheyne just may be the wickedest of them all:

1. Femininity
2. Taste You
3. I've Got Your Number
4. Love To Hate You
5. Glory Girl
6. Doesn't Mean A Thing
7. Bitch
8. As Seen On TV
9. Label Whore
10. Pony
11. I Don't Do Nice

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