Sunday, December 6, 2015

Clair Marlo-Let It Go (1989)


Three reasons why this next music treat should be recycled until the end of time: a beautiful voice, a superb jazz sound, and it comes from my favorite decade! That would be the multi-talented Croatian-American singer, composer and producer Clair Marlo and her marvelous debut album, "Let It Go". You can't get by with just one listen to this one, so be prepared to hit the replay button on whatever audio device you choose in which to indulge in all ten of these tantalizingly tasty treats she performs for your ears here! Maintaining my recent trend of featured artists performing covers of timeless hits, you'll find that Ms. Marlo's contribution to the popular music songbook is the familiar Stevie Wonder and Yvonne Wright classic, "I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)", which I've heard so many wonderful remakes of over the years, including that by THE DOOBIE BROTHERS' long-time vocalist Michael McDonald on his "Motown" album. Had to award mention to that the dazzling performance of Clair's first, but I'm really fond of every one of these selections, especially the mellow tune "Do You Love Me?", the perky upbeat number that is the title track, "It's Just The Motion" and the warming opener, " 'Til They Take My Heart Away ", which itself even has been 'recycled' at least once by another artist—Filipino singer Kyla, whom I've had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with this year. The instrumental-only smooth jazz piece at the very end, "Where You Are", tops it all off so nicely; the album really couldn't have ended any more appropriately. So do as the title suggests: let it go and let yourself love listening to this lovely lady, and I promise you'll find yourself doing some more music-recycling of your own:

1. 'Til They Take My Heart Away
2. Lonely Nights
3. Let It Go
4. It's Just The Motion
5. Without Me
6. A Major Technicality
7. Do You Love Me?
8. All For The Feeling
9. I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)
10. Where You Are

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