Monday, December 28, 2015

David Carreira-n.1 (2011)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 28, 2015

This third after-Christmas gift to myself is about four long years overdue! That would be the debut solo album by Portuguese pop singer David Carreira, another fine young talent from my long list of music recommendations that I'd been meaning to catch up with since like.....forever? Didn't take me very long to fall for this guy the moment my ears first caught on to his thrilling dance hit, "Falling Into You", the very first song of is I'd ever heard. And it didn't take me long to fall for him again, treating myself to at least a couple replays of it before my Monday night came to a close. Of course, I always get suckered by these energetic, super-charged club jams that have a lot of glitz going on with the production, but it was David's breathless voice tenderly delivering the lyrics that really gives this song an especially refreshing touch. If I fell in love with "Falling Into You", then you know I got all sorts of excited tuning in to this album's other energetic club-friendly dance cuts. "Esta Noite" (I suspect this means 'Tonight' in Portuguese; it looks similar to 'Esta Noche', which is Spanish for the same thing) reinforces not only the notion that I like hearing songs being sung in other languages, but that I don't have to understand a word of it in order enjoy it. The beat makes the song addictive enough without the slightly-digitized vocals singing 'esta noite' repeatedly in the main chorus making the music even more addictive! "Shut Down" is a jam that'll surely get you charged up and movin' to the beat. The thing that's got me addicted to this one? The way he chirps 'go-oh-oh' in the irresistibly catchy main chorus; he does the same thing later when he's burning up the dance floor on "Burning Like Fire". Feels like I'd heard "I Gave You The World" somewhere in my music-listening yesterdays before today; perhaps it was another I'd heard years back around the same time I'd gotten acquainted with Carreira through his "Falling Into You"? Portuguese and English: now what is it called when the two languages are spoken—or, in this case, sung—in the same sentence? Not as easy to create a sensible made-up term as you could with Spanish and English—creating the acceptable term 'Spanglish'—but for Carreira, it's no difficult task when he performs this album's super-charged techno track, "Need You". Performed with ease also are the touching "Só Tu E Eu" (I favor the soft piano ballad version that he performs as a duet with the sultry-voiced female vocalist against the majestic backing production), the happy reggae-tinged number "Num Dia Assi" (at least it sounds happy, judging from the melody and the way he merrily sings the words;I can just sense some kind of romantic warmth) and the rockin' "Lembra-te De Me Esquecer" (no idea what he's saying on this one, but this one's a thrill from start to finish):

1. O Mundo A Teus Pés (feat. Iminente)
2. Esta Noite (feat. JMI Sissoko)
3. Shut Down
4. Só Tu E Eu
5. Tu
6. I Gave You The World
7. Burning Like Fire (feat. Cali and Mundo Secreto)
8. Lembra-te De Me Esquecer
9. Num Dia Assim
10. Como Na Primerz Vez
11. Perdido
12. Need Love
13. Falling Into You
14. Shining Star (feat. Iminente)
15. Só Tu E Eu (feat. Léa Castel)

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