Wednesday, December 9, 2015

PSEUDO ECHO-Love An Adventure (1987)


Yet another album whose title speaks the absolute truth! Yes I do indeed love an adventure, especially one that allows me to travel back in time to the awesome 80's. I've still been pouring through the 'P' entries of music library, so I thought I'd be fun to reacquaint myself with the Australian new wave band that calls itself PSEUDO ECHO. And just how did I get acquainted with this PSEUDO ECHO bunch anyway? Well I have to be 100% honest: hearing their cover of the timeless LIPPS INC. disco hit, "Funkytown", on some 80's compilation album. As many people in my music circles already know, I get excited anytime there's an artist from my favorite decade covering a popular song or an artist covering a popular song from the 80's. While it had taken me a moment or two to catch on to this synthpop/new wave remake with a different voice leading the way, I was hooked before I knew it—it shares a similar arrangement to the familiar 1980 original, though with a more noticeable, updated electronic sound—and I'm finding myself just as hooked to it today as I was way back in the day! Further evidence of that is my acquisition and inclusion of the remixes from PSEUDO ECHO's four-track promo single, the dancey rhythm of the 'House Mix' being particularly satisfying. Gotta commend this Aussie bunch for their adventurous approach in taking on that disco classic! Yet the music-listening adventure with them on this album goes beyond just that quick stopover in "Funkytown". Though after it officially kicks off with the opener, "A Beat For You", it feels like you've come right back to "Funkytown" when you notice that the arrangement and the beats to "Living In A Dream" sound nearly identical to it. And for that reason, I'd gotten hooked onto that jam as well, the subtle funky jazziness beneath the melody making it even more appealing. Just try not to hooked to Track #3's "Try", plus the one right after it—"Listening"; you won't be very successful. It's simple 80's pop tunes like these that I often miss. Both of these, coincidentally, would follow a similar theme, as the lyrics tell about a woman who isn't doing her part in keeping the relationship alive, from what I gathered. "I Will Be You" and "Lonely Without You" are a couple of really nice ones to sit back and relax to, thanks to the airy, cooled-down vocals featured on the former and the warming, slowed-down groove and sincerity of the latter. Though perhaps the biggest thrill on this listening adventure—even more thrilling than their remake of "Funkytown"—is the dancey title track itself , highlighted by the awesome production that features some neat synthesized electronic riffs and a bit of jazzing up from a trumpet during the instrumental break. Need an adventure and something to pass the time? Your round-trip ticket to 80's pop music paradise is right here:

1. A Beat For You
2. Living In A Dream
3. Try
4. Listening
5. I Will Be You
6. Love An Adventure
7. Destination Unknown
8. Funkytown
9. Lonely Without You
10. Lies Are Nothing

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

11. Living In A Dream (Oz Mix)
12. Living In A Dream (Dance Mix)
13. Living In A Dream
14. Listening (Dancing Koala Bear Mix)
15. Listening (Dancing Berry Mix)
16. Listening (7 Inch Edit)
17. Listening (Instrumental)
18. Funkytown (Funky House Mix)
19. Funkytown (Funky Club Mix)
20. Funkytown (Funky Vocal Mix)
21. Funkytown (Funky Dub Mix)
22. Love An Adventure (Extended Mix)
23. All Tied Up

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