Tuesday, December 15, 2015

QUICK-Wah! Wah! (1984)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 15, 2015

'Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick'. Well, he sure had better be if he's going to avoid getting burned, right? I wanted to use that old English nursery rhyme as a tie-in to my next feature presentation because there were a lot of pop artists back in the 80's who indeed had to be nimble and quick—in a manner of speaking—if they were to survive the fire that had engulfed so many and carried them down into the depths of music oblivion forever. Besides that, it seemed fitting for this pop duo, also of English origin, who had curiously called themselves THE QUICK. And taking the theme a bit further than that, I can say that the time I've spent listening to lead vocalist Colin Campsie and bassist/keyboardist George McFarlane has been rather 'quick' as well, having only heard the ten tracks on their final studio album, "Wah! Wah!", just once in my lifetime altogether before I decided to rescue them from that fire earlier today. But I am just as quick to say that these particular songs are an awesome thrill ride, totally keeping me in the memorable spirit of my favorite decade that I've stayed in for pretty much the past week! Stylistically, they remind me of any number of those easy-listening hits crafted by the fellow English pop duo, GO WEST, though with a little more of a funkier dance vibe.....and perhaps a sprinkle or two of bubblegummy quirkiness, too. The adventure begins with the catchy "Adventures Tonight", where Colin sings about his need for excitement in his life (yeah, don't we all!), followed by the equally catchy "Down The Wire", which I've gotten hooked onto to all over again, especially because I like Colin's raspy vocals and the screeching rock guitars accompanying the beat. The cool-down cut "We Can Learn From This" is a real gem; love the production and the enticing, graceful flow of the main chorus, which has a way of getting stuck to me after a few loops of the title lyrics delivered by Colin and the small unified band of backup singers. "Poise" proves why I'll forever love—and miss—80's pop music. An addicting, dancey rhythm and simple lyrics—that's all I need sometimes. As with "We Can Learn From This", the title gets looped over and over in the main chorus (where the song really becomes a dance jam!), and you can't help but to get caught up in all of the senseless dizziness. "Bed Of Nails" is a fun dance cut, too, though is the songwriter himself enjoying his sleep on the very nails he's singing about? The humorous cries of agony in the weird dialogue found at the very end, well, should give you the answer. I also have to highlight "I Needed You, You Needed Me" (the rockin' energy is great on this one!) and the other dancey cut, "The Last Victim", another I liked particularly because of the way Colin's vocals become high and lofty in short spurts. So in my not-so-quick feature presentation of this English duo, I think I have given you the full disclosure on what to expect on this "Wah! Wah!' album. Now will you be quick to tune in and even quicker to get addicted to the music just as I have?

1. Adventures Tonight
2. Down The Wire
3. We Can Learn From This
4. Cry Baby
5. Poise
6. I Needed You, You Needed Me
7. The Big Decision
8. The Last Victim
9. Sharon
10. Bed Of Nails

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