Monday, December 14, 2015

REO SPEEDWAGON-Wheels Are Turnin' (1984)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 14, 2015

Yep—I'd say the wheels are turnin' alright—the wheels of the 80's, that is, as I've spun around back in time to turn my attention to another golden oldie from my music collection! I must admit—my repeated listens to the wonderful songs on the Champaign, Illinois band's Christmas album, "Not So Silent Night", that I featured a couple of days ago has gotten me back in the rockin' spirit, and it only seemed right that I should keep that spirit alive and well by reliving the one REO SPEEDWAGON CD that I've practically worn out. One of THE definitive hits of the 80's that is also one of THE greatest rock ballads of my favorite decade is found right here on the album's sixth track: "Can't Fight This Feeling". So beautifully produced, so beautifully written, and sung with so much feeling this one is, my favorite line coming directly from the main chorus: 'I've forgotten what I started fighting for'. But this song is definitely not forgotten; can't even count how many times I've heard this memorable love song that's forever remained a staple on the soft rock radio airwaves over the years! And I can't even count how many times I've fallen in love with another that's forever remained embedded in my mental jukebox: "Live Every Moment". It may not have ever graced the popular radio channels, but this is a total big-time jam that absolutely ROCKS! Gets me pumped every time I hear it! The lyrics speak the absolute truth about living every moment of your life, because before you know it, your precious time slips away...and you might just throw your love away while you're at it. Scores even more points with me with the accompanying piano highlighting the song's production. Kevin Cronin and company are jammin' it up big-time as well on the rockabilly-style opener, "I Do 'Wanna Know", then again on "Rock N' Roll Star", which tells a fun born-to-be-a-rocker story with that good ole classic 80's rock vibe energizing the music all throughout. "One Lonely Night" is a real heart-charmer; it's really nice taking in Cronin's melodic vocals as he delivers the tender words. Then there are ones on this CD I like because they offer up some simply sweet instrumental moments. Highlighting "Thru The Window" are the excellent riffs churned out by the skilled guitarist in the break towards the end while the piano displays on both "Break His Spell" and the concluding title track are the shining stars of those productions. Just one good spin of this " Wheels Are Turnin' " CD was all I needed to get me going—full speed ahead indeed:

1. I Do 'Wanna Know
2. One Lonely Night
3. Thru The Window
4. Rock 'N Roll Star
5. Live Every Moment
6. Can't Fight This Feeling
7. Gotta Feel More
8. Break His Spell
9. Wheels Are Turin'

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