Monday, December 21, 2015

TIMES RED-Just No Good For Me [EP] (2013)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 21, 2015

I am 'still seeing' red as I shift from the classic arena hard rock sounds of RED DAWN to the contemporary pop/r&b sounds of TIMES RED. Among the plethora of recent music recommendations that I hadn't totally tapped into yet was this talented British trio fronted by lead singer Scott Ritchie. I've barely gotten acquainted with them, but I already like them! Well, I'd already felt that way upon hearing their breakout hit, "Just No Good For Me", via Youtube; I'm just making up for the long period of silence and remembering what it was that I liked about that song since I last heard them performing it. The bextboxing mixed in with the upbeat dance beat and slight rock arrangement pleased my ears first, followed by the versatile soulful vocals of Scott Ritchie, which I especially applauded whenever he reached that ringing high note on the singing of 'no' while delivering the title lyrics in the main chorus. As for the song's theme, we once again have a girl whose got all the good looks and the right touch, but is really nothing but poison to the guy who's attracted to her. I got a greater feel for what's going on in the songwriter's head with the more mellow, easy-listening 'Acoustic Version', which is a real nice place to take in those marvelous vocals. An for added thrills, the high-intensity 'Dubstep Mix' infuses heavy electronic techno into the music; I'd say it's my favorite of the three versions production-wise. Then there's fourth track on this EP—"Patience"—which is of the same pop caliber as this EP's title track. I sure hope that there'll be more good times to be had with this British trio beyond this, as they've proven to me that they'll only get better and better with passing time:

1. Just No Good For Me
2. Just No Good For Me [Acoustic Mix]
3. Just No Good For Me [Dubstep Mix]
4. Patience

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