Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dianne Heatherington-Heatherington Rocks (1981)


Looks like my parachute has landed somewhere else on the Canadian music spectrum from the awesome 80's! That's where we now find the late singer and actress, Dianne Heatherington, and her rare and only known collection of recordings called "Heatherington Rocks". And rocks she certainly does—with her raspy, hair band rocker's voice, which often makes me think about that of Bonnie Tyler's. She wastes no time in showing it off on the opener, "Helter Skelter", especially when it soars up into the stratosphere (almost makes like an opera singer!) right before the guitar instrumental break midway through. Yet even though one might expect, judging from listening to "Helter Skelter" and seeing this album's title, that his entire album to have that high-powered rock sound, the music is actually quite versatile—very nice on the ears of the soft rock, easy-listening audiences. "In The Heat Of The Night" is like the perfect evening drive song—breezy and cooled to the bone with its chilled groove and Dianne's sultry, raspy cords spicing up the lyrics. "Don't Lie To Me" starts off in the same manner, although there's this subtlety about the arrangement that makes you believe she's gonna bust out with the loud rock guitars at any given moment. And it does—towards the end of the song, where she repeats the title lyrics over and over—fed up and tired with all of the lying, is she?—as the true rock heart and the gritty spirit emerge to close everything out with a loud bang. "Hot Rush": now here's one to get the juices more way than one. A fun and peppy number where Dianne boldly confesses all of the times where she gets that burning passion, complete with plenty of steamy oohs and ahhhs to ad a sizzling, sexy touch. Though I'd say this album's two best gems are dug up on Tracks #7 and #8. She's totally got that throaty, Bonnie Tyler thing going on with "Rock 'N' Roll Gypsies". Got sucked into this slow number right away because of its somber melody, which, of course, I'm always a sappy sucker for. Then with "Mama Just Wants To Barrelhouse All Night Long", there's this cool, bluesy rock swing about it that just works, besides the song having a cool title altogether and telling an honest story. A sentimental collector's piece for her fans, an 80's music lover's collector's item or just some plain good music to rock to—whichever it is for you, I invite you to keep the voice of Dianne Heatherington alive:

1. Helter Skelter
2. Mr. Nice Guy
3. In The Heat Of The Night
4. Don't Lie To Me
5. Hot Rush
6. He's A Rebel
7. Rock 'N' Roll Gypsies
8. Mama Just Wants To Barrelhouse All Night Long

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