Sunday, January 3, 2016

FLY PROJECT - K-Tinne (2007)


I could say I am 'flying high' with this next heavenly music treat of mine! My eighth after-Christmas present to myself—I was almost starting to lose count!—sees me trekking back over to Eastern Europe with the Romanian dance duo FLY PROJECT. It's been quite a while since I've explored music from the Romanian dance scene. Last I checked, I had been still in the process of exploring the recent 'popcorn music' phenomenon that had swept through that country; specifically, I was tuning in to the newest album by a fellow dance duo whom I've come to adore ever since they were recommended to me over five years ago: DEEPCENTRAL. Well these FLY PROJECT guys came also highly recommended to me, and I'd say I've now gotten in pretty deep with them, too! Crave dance music? Then you'll want to indulge yourself and get lost inside of this duo's dance paradise that is their second album, "K-Tinne". For me, this is a double indulgence, as it's yet another opportunity for me to breach cultural horizons by hearing them perform in both my English and their native Romanian tongue. The explosively groovy opening title track serves as a continual reminder of how so often I can get so amped by the music production while sacrificing the understanding of the lyrics themselves. But that only serves as a small adrenaline rush; a taste of the 'DJ Tom Boxer Rmx', with its added keyboard accompaniment, glitzy melody, chilled background ambiance and just an overall groovier dance beat with more bass to bump to, and I was ready to jump to warp speed! I experienced the exact same thing when this DJ Tom Boxer guy spruces up two other dance-floor thrillers: "People Around You" and "When You Cry". I would've been more than satisfied with the thumping trance beat to the original version of the former, but that bombastic bass thrust into the remix blows the non-mixed original out of the water! And as for "When You Cry"..... By itself, it's a terrific song—from the super-catchy sing-along bop of the 'dah, dup-dup, da da dah dah' delivered by the lofty voice of this duo's lead man in main chorus and the romantically poetic lyrics embedded beneath the awesome production. But when it gets the DJ Tom Boxer remix treatment with the added swirly ambiance and melody from the keyboards, it's like a 'whoa!' sensation that knocks my socks off! There's a trio of ladies that these fly guys create a song about, and every one of them is a killer cut. There's "Tasha", the perfect hands-up club jam, whose tribal rhythm and the way the lead guy sings 'get off my body when you move' instantly bringing to mind that infectiously dancey "I Like To Move It" that's been featured in the "Madagascar" animated movie series. Then there's "Allena" and "Cheyenne", both of which pleased my ears because of the colorful Indian/Bhangra vocals and the subtle Middle Eastern sound beneath the techno glitz, adding even more international spice to my music-listening experience. "Cubba" very well could be a lady, too, and it also shares some of that same Indian/Bhangra influence as "Allena" and "Cheyenne". I'm so hooked on the sing-along chorus—that wailing 'na-na-na la-na-na-na' filler', which is echoed by the distorted digitized vocals of a lady singing almost the exact same thing. Felt like I was caught up in my own world alright jamming to "My Own World". It's every bit of the hands-up club jam that "Tasha" is, and the fact that it contains minimal vocals (that digitally distorted 'dah, dup-dup dah-dah' voiced in the main chorus is so hypnotically addicting!) and a thumping, groovy dance beat means that you won't be satisfied after only one full go-round with it:

1. K-Tinne
2. 1001
3. Tasha
4. Allena
5. People Around You
6. Cubba
7. Push Up
8. Kattrina
9. K-Tinne (DJ Tom Boxer Rmx)
10. People Around You (DJ Tom Boxer Rmx)
11. Cubba (Fly Extended)
12. Tasha (Radio Version)
13. Tasha (Fly Club Mix)
14. When You Cry
15. My Own World
16. Cheyenne (English Version 2006)
17. When You Cry (DJ Tom Boxer Rmx)

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