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GLASS TIGER-The Thin Red Line [Anniversary Edition] (2012)


I felt like stopping over at another familiar place along this current 80's rock music trek of mine, and in doing so, I rediscovered some old favorites and made memories with some new ones. It's with great honor that I present one of my favorite all-time Canadian rock bands in the name of GLASS TIGER, which I've always thought was a cool name, as it brings to mind any number of those priceless artifacts made out of jade and other rare minerals hand-sculpted into the likeness of dragons, serpents and other mythical creatures. Must've been the reason why they'd originally called themselves Tokyo, which is the largest and capital city of Japan? It's anyone guess if any of the band members were appreciative of Japanese artwork, but one can say that their 1986 debut album, "The Thin Red Line", was surely a piece of artwork for the rock lover's ears to appreciate! It was years and years ago somewhere in my childhood where the easy-listening sounds of their unforgettable hit, "Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)", remained deposited in my memory bank forever. And even now, it still stands as one of those 'go-to' hits that I play for myself when I want to take that nostalgic trip down memory lane. Perfect production all around, with me especially always latching on to that awesome part where the instrumental suspense builds up as the band's lead man goes 'oh, but you don't care' in that distinctive soaring voice of his before the big hook drops in. This song is easily the reason why anybody should own a copy of "The Thin Red Line", and with this special double disc anniversary edition, you get that, plus a trio of alternate mixes that you might've never heard before. That 'glass tiger' is very much alive and roaring elsewhere on this album, whether it be the more energetic rockin' jams like the opening title track (I've always loved the thunderous beat that drives this song along), "Closer To You" and "Do You Wanna Dance?", or all the ones with the catchy hooks and the distinctively pop air about them—"Vanishing Tribe", "Touch & Go" and, my personal favorite, "Someday", whose hopeful lyrics about the songwriter aspiring to be with the one he wants give the song a dreamy feel that makes for a feel-good three-and-a-half minutes, the beautiful harmonica melody making those minutes even sweeter. Frame on your wall Track #5's "Looking At A Picture", because it's one that's picture perfect, as is the live recording of the mellow, emotional ballad "After The Dance", which I think really deserved to be a regular studio recording as well (and it might be on one of the band's previously-released singles somewhere). Haven't yet made the crossover to make GLASS TIGER a part of your music-listening lineup? I invite you to hear what this Canadian band has put on display on "The Thin Red Line", and that's one line that's okay to cross:

CD #1

1. Thin Red Line
2. Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)
3. Close To You
4. Vanishing Tribe
5. Looking At A Picture
6. The Secret
7. Ancient Evenings
8. Ecstacy
9. Someday
10. I Will Be There
11. You're What I Look For

CD #2

1. Thin Red Line (Reverence Mix)
2. Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) (Writer's Demo)
3. Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) (Single Mix)
4. I Will Be There (Single Version)
5. Touch & Go (Tokyo) (Demo)
6. Someday (Writer's Demo)
7. Someday (Extended Mix)
8. You're What I Look For (Live At Ontario Place)
9. After The Dance (Live At Ontario Place)
10. Do You Wanna Dance (With Me)
11. Thin Red Line (Single Version)
12. Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) (Extended Mix)
13. Thin Red Line (Rather Red Mix)

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