Friday, January 29, 2016

JOURNEY-Departure [Remastered Edition] (2013)


Embarking on this current 80's rock music journey of mine has given me the opportunity to reconnect with a lot of old familiar voices. So it only seemed fitting that my journey should now take me back to 1980 San Francisco where I reacquaint myself with the legendary Steve Perry. There's one very good reason why I absolutely have to keep their "Departure" album in my rock music collection forever, and that reason is represented by the band's memorable, timeless hit, "Any Way You Want It". It's one thing to have a memorable oldie playing around inside of your mental jukebox, but it's a completely different thing to actually hear that song playing through your stereo speakers or whatever audio playback device fancies you. "Any Way You Want It" is like THE definition of a classic rock jam, one that always gets me all giddy and excited (a warm reminder of the music I grew up with when I was a kid) and one that just gets me pumped and going altogether! It's that unforgettable hook that I look forward to the most—'any way you want it, that's the way you need it, any way you want it'—and the awesome screaming guitars accompanying it and serves as the driving force for the whole song! A must-have for every 80's rock lover, whether it's on this "Departure" album or 80's hair-band rock compilation or a digital rock music playlist. Without a doubt, "Any Way You Want It" is rock like I want it! Though there's plenty of other explosively great, high-octane thrills on this journey that my ears have a difficult time departing from. "Precious Time" is one to praise for its outstanding production. Beneath the screaming rock guitars is a glitzy, 'spacey' sound and a beautiful harmonica accompaniment that make for a marvelous instrumental combo, especially during the closeout movements when that instrumental is extended for your listening pleasure. If you like awesome hooks, then you'll find that "Where Were You?" will find a permanent place on your list of favorites. Props to the pianist for showing off his excellent playing skills here! Just as "Any Way You Want It" is the definition of a classic rock jam, Track #7's " I'm Cryin' " is THE definition of a power ballad! I like the intense, slow swagger of the rhythm, which punches forward that sad, bluesy feeling expressed in the lyrics in such a heart-pouring way that only Steve Perry can master. The non-vocal snippet of a title track a few minutes later seems to signal a metaphoric 'departure' from the harder rockin' sound—at least temporarily—to a softer side of rock. "Good Morning Girl" is a nice sweet piece that has that end-of-the-dream, wake-up-in-bed feeling while "Stay Awhile", where Steve's soaring vocals reign supreme, seems to complete that dream, as he repeatedly instills that sense of longing for company and healing for his lonely heart with the simple singing of 'falling, falling, falling' over and over in the gripping main chorus. One of the more unique moments on this journey is experienced on "Homemade Love". It's all funk and rock on this jam, which is one of those where it's best to just sit back and bask in the music greatness. At first, you might only recognize the title lyrics being sung, but there's gritty shouts of ' baby, you're burnin ' and a few other words of passion that seep through this wild n' loud rock party:

1. Any Way You Want It
2. Walks Like A Lady
3. Someday Soon
4. People And Places
5. Precious Time
6. Where Were You?
7. I'm Cryin'
8. Line Of Fire
9. Departure
10. Good Morning Girl
11. Stay Awhile
12. Homemade Love
13. Natural Thing
14. Little Girl

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