Friday, January 15, 2016

LITESOUND-Going To Hollywood (2010)


Thought I would shed some light on a relatively new band in my circle of international music artists. Entertaining myself with all of the live performances and the hoopla surrounding 2012's Eurovision Song Contest held in Baku, Azerbaijan is the reason I'd gotten acquainted with LITESOUND, a couple of brothers from Belarus who'd taken me on a thrill ride with their sensational hit, "We Are The Heroes". Haven't heard it yet? You gotta check it out! But little did I know at the time that this duo had already become famous before that winning performance, having recorded various standalone singles in the earlier part of the New Millennium before releasing their debut studio album, "Going To Hollywood", back in 2010. And with me acquiring this latest after-Christmas treat to myself today, I officially embraced a new cultural horizon by getting my first full listen to an album by an artist from Belarus; not only that, but I got the jump start that me and my music senses needed. Kinda ironic that, for a pop/rock band that calls itself LITESOUND, their sound is not exactly 'lite' at all, which is perfectly fine if you prefer a little edginess and intensity to your music or, in my case, you're just in a harder-rockin' mood. The brothers certainly waste no time in kicking it into overdrive with the opener, "Summer Trip". Whichever one of them is the lead vocalist on this one, I like the way he says 'trip', pronouncing it like 'tree-up' (the Russian accent is cool). Immediately after that is where I'd find instant adoration with easily one of this album's highlights: "Wonderful Girl". This lively jam is simply wonderful any and every way you hear it&mash;the lyrics, the vocals, the sound and all! "With You" is every bit of the rockin' power trip that "Summer Trip" is, and you get a two-for-one deal with with the bonus live version found at the end of this exclusive twelve-track version. How thoughtful of me to use the word 'power', because that is exactly what is infused into "Solo Per Te" and "Nobody Else" to make them the amazing power ballads that those two are! The former had be thinking something Italian, with the language of the lyrics delivered in the very beginning of the song, while the latter had me thinking about all of the other stunning piano pieces I've heard recently where the singer's vocals are the shining star of the show. If "No Brakes" is a thrill ride, then it's such a short one. Seems they do hit the brakes—on the music, that is—after all, with a running time just over the three-minute mark. An excuse to fire up the engine again? You bet! Though there are a couple of moments where I did get to enjoy LITESOUND's more mellower, lighter-hearted side: "The Shelter", primarily during its introductory seconds, but especially on the lovely romantic tribute that is "Nixie" (and here, I like the way one of the brothers says 'kiss your lips', pronouncing 'lips' like 'leeps'). This duo has surely made it all the way over to Hollywood by now.....and I am sure their 'lite sound' has taken them to many other exciting places, too:

1. Summer Trip
2. Wonderful Girl
3. Do You Believe?
4. Give You My All
5. With You
6. Solo Per Te
7. No Brakes
8. The Shelter
9. Nixie
10. Beautiful
11. Nobody Else
12. With You (Live)

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