Saturday, January 9, 2016

Lucy Iris-Silver Lining (2011)


Silver bells are still jingling! That would be in reference to a couple of things: first, the fact that I'm continuing the theme of presenting after-Christmas gifts, and second, the fact that I found every one of the songs on this next after-Christmas gift to be a ringing performance! The name 'Lucy Iris' was an unfamiliar one to me when she was requested and suggested a long time ago. While I've yet to figure out who she is and where she comes from, I have managed to figure out why I've become so entranced with her and this "Silver Lining" album of hers. A beautifully exotic voice, haunting lyrics that touch the heart, great easy-listening pop/rock sound—those are the three reasons I could come up with! It didn't take very long before I found myself hooked to the opener, "Find Myself". It's one of the finest pieces of songwriting on this album, liking the part where she talks about 'running through darkness' and 'passing by streets of gold' the most and feeling like I'm really making that dark journey with her all the while Lucy is singing. Is listening to this gem three times even enough? "Dear Diary" is one for all pop lovers, who love a fun story put to a delightfully bouncy, hard-edged rock beat, to hold dear. Feels like another dark journey listening to the deeply chilled groove that is "Walking On Your Street".....ghostly even, and just as much of a songwriting gem as this album's opener. If that one is not 'chilling' enough, I was chilled to the bone on the dreamy, tripped-out tune, "Half Lit Moon", whose interesting title is one that's well-chosen, as it symbolizes the incompleteness of a half-empty heart until she's able to be with the one she desires. And that is only 'half' the reason I highlight this song; the other half is the cool production, an 80s synthpop/semi-psychedelic dreamy Beatles-esque rock combo going on here. It's like a breath of fresh air listening to her delicate voice at work on the refreshing ballad, "Morning Air", whose position right smack in the middle of the track-listing is a perfect spot for it. Though I'd have to say I enjoyed absorbing her versatile chords even more on "Learning Your Way". Twinkly melodies are always a pleasure on the ears, so I was good and happy long before the rockin' beat and the rest of the chilled groove slid in. Kinda fitting the album should conclude with the song entitled "Still Searching", considering all of the emotional places Lucy will carry you to in the hour plus that you're along for this ride. Remember that old scout song that goes 'make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold'? Well, I'd say the music is silver, and Lucy Iris is definitely the pop gold:

1. Find Myself
2. Dear Diary
3. Top Of The Hill
4. Walking On Your Street
5. Until I Reach You
6. Whisper In My Ear
7. Morning Air
8. Right Before I Close My Eyes
9. Learning Your Way
10. The Other Side
11. Half Lit Moon
12. Speaker To My Head
13. Silver Lining
14. Still Searching

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