Sunday, January 24, 2016

PARACHUTE CLUB-Small Victories (1986)


Taking another nostalgic trip back in time to the awesome 80's with the Canadian pop band that called itself PARACHUTE CLUB. Hard to believe that they were a music recommendation from more than five years ago and I'm just now getting to know them! I never leave a stone unturned when it comes to music from my favorite decade; I just never know what I might be missing! In the case with PARACHUTE CLUB and their third album, "Small Victories", well, let's just say it was much more than just a small victory! The delightful voice of lead singer Lorraine Segato and the groovy dance-pop sound are an immediate attraction, enjoying the catchy combination in my first three-and-a-half minutes of listening on the opener, "Turning The Veil", a different way of saying 'I'm turning the page on something from my past life and not looking back'. The way Lorraine's backup crew goes 'moo-ooo-ooo--ving on with my life' is an instant hook! Second 'Surprise Of The Day' for me (the first one involved something regarding a Major League Baseball pitcher I was once a fan of and his relation to KATRINA & THE WAVES) was the guest vocalist featured on one of this album's real highlights: "Love Is Fire". That special guest (and I had been wondering whose voice that was all throughout the song) would be John Oates, one half of the famed duo HALL & OATES. He and Lorraine make a charming pair as they deliver the words about how romance can be such a burning sensation. Pop perfect are "Secret Heart (Wild Zone)" (thanks to its super-catchy hook) and "Walk To The Rhythm Of Your Heartbeat", with its spurts of jazz accompanying the melody and closing out in a spunky flair with the title lyrics being delivered in rapid-fire fashion. "Cheat The Prophecy": I like the song titles that grab your attention before you even get into the music. This is one of those where, had I heard it back in the 80's when I was just a kid, I most likely wouldn't have paid any attention to the words, immersing myself in the infectious dance beat. There's plenty of political and social messages between the recorded voice overs of past news bits and the things that Lorraine has to say all throughout, highlighted by the inspirational line 'day to day, we'll find a way' during that amazing break midway through! Then there's the pair of songs on this album that stood out to me because of their exotic presentation: "The Journey", which has an ambient, ethereal feel with its smooth, subtle ethnic groove (it really does feel like she's taking you on her spiritual journey as the music seeps into you), and the calming "Waves" (I've heard so many songs like these having the 'water' theme that glide along, each of them a pleasure of serenity on the ears). So have you joined the PARACHUTE CLUB yet? I've just become its newest member, and I'd love to take you along for the lofty ride:

1. Tearing The Veil
2. Love Is Fire
3. Secret Heart (Wild Zone)
4. Walk To The Rhythm Of Your Heartbeat
5. Love And Compassion
6. Small Victories
7. The Journey
8. Cheat The Prophecy
9. Waves

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