Thursday, January 28, 2016

Peabo Bryson-Quiet Storm (1986)


Looks like another familiar voice has stormed his way back onto "The Music Spectrum"! It's a brand new year now, but I've continued on my seemingly year-long quest of getting the 'P' entries in my music collection all nice and neat and organized (one of my favorite words!). There had been a couple of Peabo Bryson albums I had my sights on getting because of a few song favorites that are found on them, but I somehow found myself acquiring this eight-track effort of his from 1986 instead (at least for the time being). As one would believe the title implies, there is indeed a 'quiet storm' brewing here, rolling in with the opener, "Since I've Been In Love". It's songs like these that keep reminding me of how terrific Peabo is when it comes to cranking out these soulful ballads. Yet the real thunder in this 'quiet storm' rumbles on Track #6's "Catch 22", where he sings about the paradoxes of love, and on my new-found favorite, "After You" (that sweet, slow music just seeps into my veins). But even though Peabo masters the slow jams like the best of the old-school soul singers, it's always great to hear him on the upbeat tunes as well, like "The Higher You Climb" (and the harder you fall, he preaches, when you fall in love), and "Only At Night", where the life of the party erupts out of him (so cool to hear somebody chiming in with the slick rap lyrics midway through.....the only Peabo Bryson song I've ever heard by where there's somebody rapping). I found myself listening to this whole album two whole times earlier this morning, with a third time partially in the works. I suppose when you have an 80's music obsession like I do, eight tracks simply isn't nearly enough music to satisfy you. Besides that, I believe my heart had been aching for some good ole soul music from the past after not having treated my ears to very much of it lately, and this Peabo Bryson "Quiet Storm" brought the rains that washed all of that heartache away:

1. Since I've Been In Love
2. Somebody In Your Life
3. Good Combination
4. If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
5. The Higher You Climb
6. Catch 22
7. Only At Night
8. After You

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