Wednesday, January 20, 2016

POCO-Legacy (1989)


Poking around some more in the 'P' entries of my music collection had led me back to POCO, a California country soft rock band whom I hadn't heard in—yep, you guessed it—ages! Well, is nearly a decade long enough? It was about the third or fourth year into this New Millennium when my ears first got wind of Jim Messina and company's golden oldie, "Call It Love". But it's just been a few weeks into this 2016 year when I decided to treat my ears to that same golden hit again—twice even, and am contemplating a third and fourth! It's one of those easy-listening, soft rock radio-friendly tunes with the somber melodies and the touching lyrics that I'm forever the sucker for.....the kind I stay attached to long after I hear them. I could call it a day with just "Call It Love" playing beside me, yet there are many more golden moments collected here on POCO's gold-certified "Legacy" album, the only one of theirs I currently have. "Look Within" is one of those keepers, a delightful tune of self-soul searching that kinda reminds me of AMBROSIA's "Biggest Part Of Me" in terms of the mellow sound and the folk-style arrangement. It's one of many I adored if just for the wonderful guitar work, particularly during the break midway, which gives the listener a chance to enjoy those instrumentals while reflecting upon the words that have already been sung up until that point. Then there's the inspirational gem that is "Follow Your Dreams". Can't even tell the vocals (the spurts of harmony make for marvelous listening!) and the sublime guitar acoustics were recorded back in the late 80's; definitely a song that has aged well over time! I like those warming, breezy love songs just as much as I savor the sad ones, so you can say I'm a sucker for Track #8's "Who Else?", too. Call it the perfect easy-listening tune with its gentle groove and the even gentler vocals to match, me particularly liking the cooled delivery of 'Whoooooooo' in the main chorus. There's furthermore the rock lover in me favoring the gritty rock n' roll jam, "Rough Edges". Makes me feel like dancin' as much as I felt like singin' right along with it, but that happens with any and every song that has a lively rhythm (dig that piano roll!) and some fun lyrics to boot ('I'm not a stone that has been polished and shined' and 'I'm not the diamond you had in mind'—yep, the songwriter's got a lot of rough edges on him alright!). Had gotten my latest 'Surprise Of The Day' when my curiosity about POCO led me to reading up on them and their history, realizing that they had been formed after the breakup of the classic rock band BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD decades ago! So in that respect, they truly are a legacy—every bit as much as this 1989 effort of theirs:

1. When It All Began
2. Call It Love
3. Nature Of Love
4. What Do People Know?
5. Nothin' To Hide
6. Look Within
7. Rough Edges
8. Who Else?
9. Lovin' You Every Minute
10. If It Wasn't For You
11. Follow Your Dreams

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