Sunday, January 17, 2016

Reggie-Reggie (1989)


This beat next is more than just Technotronic! Inspiration for that opening statement comes from a popular hit by a certain successful 90's Belgian house project.....and you'll hear how true that statement is, once you've tuned in to this late-80's collection of songs recorded by a Réjane Magloire, one of TECHNOTRONIC's premiere and most recognized vocalists. Premiere is right, as this house diva does it up big and bold with her powerful, sultry chords leading the way! There'll be no taking steps backwards once you've been dazzled by her on the opening cut, "Every Step", which is where this music adventure—and addiction!—begins. Love it when she does that breakdown midway through, proudly boasting every word that erupts from her mouth! She's super dynamite on the jams where the screaming rock guitars amplify the beat: "If You Wanna Be My Lover" (love that wild cat screeching, which makes this one even catchier than it already is!), "Whole Lotta Love" (rearing back for something extra to show off those loud, gritty vocals of hers, particularly when she demands 'better give it to me now, 'cause I'm in a hurry'—talking about love, that is) and "Money Junkie", which tells the absolute raw truth about what happens when people have cash to well as when people are broke and empty-handed. Then there's some of these jams I favor because they're simply 100% pure pop bliss. "You Don't Thrill Me Anymore" is highly entertaining, highlighted by the rapping of the guest male MC and those cheeky remarks and other back-and-forth banter between him and Réjane between the singing of the title lyrics in main chorus. 'Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya'—just one of many humorous lines the MC chimes in with during the song! It's Réjane's turn to rap on "Sexualisation". So many things I like about this one, including Réjane's constant euphoric shouts of 'Whooooo!', the 'sex-sex-sex' chanted by the backup vocalists and the male MC's breathy sound effects intermixed with Réjane's laughter—a sexy song indeed! Oh, and then there's the great dance/pop beat, too, which you get your full enjoyment of with the extended instrumentals during the closing movements. That's the same reason that "News For Love" is just as addicting; how could it not be, with the exhilarating funky jazz sizzling through your ears? It gets better and better as it plays on, the trumpeter and the saxophonist showing off their sublime skills in the dizzying array towards the end. 'I found me a mean machine who's gonna pick you up and spit you out'—a favorite line from this one and another of my favorite lines from this entire album altogether that I just had to mention! That jazz element that I adored so much on "News For Love" is present on the one right before it: "Life After Love". Her amazing vocals shine all throughout this easy-listening, bluesy sway of a tune, speaking the total truth as her words of romantic wisdom grow on you. So yeah, the music here is more than Technotronic alright; it's more ways than just one:

1. Every Step
2. If You Wanna Be My Lover
3. You Don't Thrill Me Anymore
4. Life After Love
5. News For Love
6. Diamond Girl
7. Whole Lotta Love
8. Sexualisation
9. History
10. Money Junkie
11. Addiction
12. Drink Does The Talking
13. Whole Lotta Love (Maxi Version)

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