Monday, February 15, 2016

Collin Raye-All I Can Be (1991)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: February 15, 2016

Renowned country all-star Collin Raye is yet another name among the sea of popular music artists I've known about for years but haven't officially gotten acquainted with. Well that had changed when I digested his solo debut album, "All I Can Be", a little over a week ago. As of right now, that very same album still finds itself swimming around in my system, the songs contained on it having made a surprise good first impression on me and, in some respects, a long-lasting impression. When I haven't tuned into country music in a while, I always find it refreshing and revitalizing to hear these perky, feel-good numbers that totally capture that adventurous, romantic country spirit like " 'scuse Moi, My Heart " (and I just like Collin's country accent when he sings ' 'scuse Moi '; is that French or Italian?). And those foot-pattin' numbers with the upbeat rhythms that make me feel like dancing are always a fun thrill, which is why I'm all smiles all throughout "Any Old Stretch Of Blacktop" and "If I Were You". There's some very delightful moments here that really made me appreciate this album and make me look forward to listening to them again. There's the warming slow number, "Love Me", then the melodic gem that is "Blue Magic", but the jewel that made it all complete for me was the bittersweet "It Could Have Been So Good". As Billy Ocean once sung, there'll be sad songs to make you cry, and once the somber melody and Collin's aching words of reflection about the possibilities of love fill your heart, you'll easily see why "It Could Be So Good" is surely one of them:

1. All I Can Be (Is A Sweet Memory)
2. Every Second
3. Faithful Old Flame
4. 'scuse Moi, My Heart
5. Any Old Stretch Of Blacktop
6. Love, Me
7. Blue Magic
8. It Could've Been So Good
9. Sadly Ever After
10. If I Were You

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