Monday, February 15, 2016

Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye-Diana & Marvin (1973)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: February 15, 2016

I decided that before I can go any much further in my offline music-listening activities, there's a specific group of albums I need to get out of my system first.....that is, if they'll let me! One of them is something my ears have only recently gotten latched on to: this self-titled collaboration between two of the greatest Motown legends of all time. Yeah, 1973 was still a few years before my time, but the former lead singer of THE SUPREMES and the man who made "Sexual Healing" a romantic, quiet storm radio staple reminded me that there was a lot of good tunes being sung in the early part of my birth decade. A couple of those goodies are golden hits that I've been hearing for years and years in some form or another: "You Are Everything" and "Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)". Seems just about every singer in existence has performed a cover of these unforgettable, timeless classics originally recorded by THE STYLISTICS. Yet there's always something special about hearing the earliest renditions of them—a special glow that only the production and the sound from nearly four decades ago can capture, a special glow that glitters even brighter with the sweet, delicate voice Ms. Ross and the stunning, soulful voice of the late Mr. Gaye performing the tender lyrics together. Then there's the goodies that I've gotten newly acquainted to—and super-addicted to—which, collectively, are the reason why this album has remained in my music-listening lineup for almost two weeks straight! I can vividly recall the moment a few days ago when my ears received "You're A Special Part Of Me"—first, its scintillating, orchestral melody, then the unified voices of our honorary Motown guests, then some mighty thunderous, big-time drum beats before the first verse even got under way. And as soon as their words of romantic tribute to each other moved on to the main chorus—the biggest moment for me being their emotional singing of ' all I want to say is that I love you you, 'cause you're that very special part of me ' with those same mighty, thunderous drum beats raining down on every delivery of the words to the title lyrics—I was already hooked forever! Needless to say, the replay button has definitely been getting a lot of work in with just this one by itself! "Pledging My Love" won't let me go either, and nor will their disco-inspired offering called "My Mistake (Was To Love You)", whose chords and arrangement stylistically brings to mind the FOUR TOPS timeless classic, "Reach Out (I'll Be There)". Besides the music here itself being great, one thing I realized while enjoying replays of my aforementioned favorites, plus the rest of the amazing selections on this album, is that Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye are so charming together and truly made an excellent singing pair:

1. You Are Everything
2. Love Twins
3. Don't Knock My Love
4. You're A Special Part Of Me
5. Pledging My Love
6. Just Say, Just Say
7. Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)
8. I'm Falling In Love With You
9. My Mistake (Was To Love You)
10. Include Me In Your Life
11. Alone
12. The Things I Will Not Miss
13. I've Come To Love You So Much
14. I'll Keep My Light In My Window

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