Sunday, February 28, 2016

MÄRTINI BRÖS.-Pläy (2002)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: February 28, 2016

From a couple of SOUL BROS. who ask that you "Play Me" to a couple of MÄRTINI BRÖS. who just like to "Pläy"—the newest addition to my electronic/ambient music library actually came as a result of some extended exploration beyond my first round with Friday night's thrilling feature presentation. My thirst for additional details regarding SOUL BROS. and their "Play Me" album linked me to this German electronic duo that calls itself MÄRTINI BRÖS., the 'play' and the 'bros.' surely the two keywords that generated this unexpected result. Some of the best music albums I've heard often land into my lap by accident, and this seventy-five-minute trek is definitely one of the best accidents to happen to me in recent days! As such, this duo's minimalistic electronic beats were intended to be just a casual listen out of curiosity, something to help me wind down into the wee hours of my Saturday morning. But then the more I listened, the more my ears took a liking for their intricate sound arrangements, characterized by high-pitched blips and beeps, deep, pulsating grooves and day-dreamy, melodic ambiances served up in the background. It wasn't until i got to the very end of my first round of "Pläy" that I encountered the sparkling jewel in this hidden treasure chest: "Flowers Of July". Among the few where the duo's monotonic, mechanical, DEPECHE MODE-esque vocals cut through the music, this album's concluding cut totally sparked my senses with its suspenseful background moodiness—enough for me to declare it as a new-found favorite and a worthy addition to my 'Ambient Mix' playlist so I can enjoy it many more plays of it. It's that same kind of suspenseful moodiness that attracted me to the all-instrumental track, "The Biggest Fan", which I'm now a fan of, thanks to the catchy electronic dance beat that plays over the chilling ambiance. Love truly is a strong emotion, and that's what I feel about Track #9's "L.O.V.E. (A Really Strong Emotion)". It's another where the deep, pulsating rhythm draws me into the music, my ears being delighted by the occasional echoing rings and high-toned blips in sync with the rest of the primary beat. I always love (there is that 'strong emotion' again!) those electronic, synthesized arrangements that remind me of those 8-bit Nintendo video game days of the 80's, and the album's fifth track called "Hot" is another one of those that bring back some of that old childhood nostalgia. Then in addition to creating moments of nostalgic, there's some waves of coolness created by the quirky digitized vocals chiming in with blurbs of odd, scatterbrained dialogue where I made out the repetitive humorous phrases 'let's make love quick', 'I feel so hot today', and 'pop, pop, we won't stop', among other funny things. I especially like the ones that make it feel like I'm drifting off to some faraway place on a lazy daytime afternoon; that's what "Audiopark 2002" does for me quite nicely. The duo's longest production here is the groovy 11+ minute opener, "Boy / Girl", which is a real treat for all of us electronic instrumental lovers who appreciate all of the dedication and hard work that goes into creating the various exotic textures implemented into music of this genre:

1. Boy / Girl
2. Electric Monk
3. Ultrastar
4. The Biggest Fan
5. Hot
6. Dance Like It's O.K.
7. Happiness
8. Audiopark 2002
9. L.O.V.E. (A Really Strong Emotion)
10. Flash
11. Flowers Of July

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