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Mica Paris-So Good [Deluxe Edition] (2011)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: February 13, 2016

More music goodness coming right up! Considering how quickly I've become so fond of British soul singer Mica Paris, I'm not surprised that I'm about to give this lady the "Music Spectrum" spotlight for the second time in as many weeks! But this particular feature presentation is a special one, because it's all about the much sought-after double-disc edition of Mica's 1988 debut album, "So Good". I'd already enjoyed at least a couple of spins of the ten-track original before I got this 23-track deluxe package, so the first forty-five minutes was virtually like a quick trip around the old block—in a couple of ways, in fact. Listening to the songs themselves again not only refreshed my memory of how much I enjoyed them the first time and why I enjoyed them, but also stirred up more of those usual memories of the sounds from my favorite decade. "My One Temptation", I can honestly say, may as well be entitled 'My One Addiction', because that is what it's starting to become with each replay. 80's love songs with a pop spirit are the best, aren't they? And if I wanted to feed that addiction further, there's a pair of remixes waiting for me at the end of the second CD, both 5+ minutes long. There's nothing like the soulful hums of a group of unified voices to lift up and carry a song along; that's the alluring attraction to "Nothing Hits Your Heart Like Soul Music", and Mica definitely hitsmy heart when she soars off to lofty heights with her talented chords! My nominees for 'Slow Jam Of The Night' are represented by "Words In Action", "Sway (Dance The Blues Away)" (just as the title suggests, I got all nice and cozy with this one as my ears got treated to its marvelously bluesy arrangement, accented by the jazzy zing) and the concluding title track on the first CD (and the music truly is so good, full of peaceful warmth and cozy thoughts of tenderness by the songwriter and the singer). Between the three, I'd have to favor "Sway (Dance The Blues Away)". One song that totally breathes fresh air into my soul: "Breathe Life Into Me." So happy the producers took us listeners into consideration and created an extended version of it, then included it on the second CD as a bonus treat! Pure pop goodness is what I experienced with "I'd Hate To Love You" (and music goodness all around, too; loving the jazzy swing in combination with the light calypso and harmonica) , "Great Impersonation" (I like the way this one happily skips along) and, a personal favorite, "We Should Be Lovers", which is where I thought Mica was already a dance diva in the makings with the ultra-groovy pre-90's, pre-house dance rhythm and her soulful voice wailing high above the music in powerful spurts. Yet there's no question in my mind that the song that rules supreme on this deluxe edition is Mica's startling duet with fellow soul sensation Will Downing on "Where Is The Love?". Such a nice and dreamy romantic glow this jewel has, despite the lyrics somewhat speaking about love that has faded and is being searched for. It's a great duet along the train of great soul duets I've been riding with as of late, actually. And that's what's so good about this album altogether—so many good moments to be had, so many ways to keep that soul train moving within you:

CD #1

1. Like Dreamers Do
2. My One Temptation
3. Nothing Hits Your Heart Like Soul Music
4. Sway (Dance The Blues Away)
5. Don't Give Me Up
6. Breathe Life Into Me
7. I'd Hate To Love You
8. Great Impersonation
9. Words Into Action
10. So Good

CD #2

1. Into The City
2. Rock Together
3. Same Feeling
4. We Should Be Lovers
5. Where Is The Love?
6. Wicked
7. Breathe Life Into Me (Extended Mix)
8. Great Impersonation (Sisterhood Mix)
9. Great Impersonation (Swing Time Mix)
10. I'd Hate To Love You (Ben Liebrand Remix)
11. Like Dreamers Do (Freeway Mix)
12. My One Temptation (Club Mix)
13. My One Temptation (Reproduction Remix)

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