Sunday, February 7, 2016

Pamala Stanley-Coming Out Of Hiding... The Sequel (1990)


This throwback pop treat has been in hiding for far too long! Concurrently skidding alongside my streaking through the rock sounds of the roaring 80's is me checking in on a lot of the 'P' artists in my music collection, so it seemed dropping in on the Pennsylvania-born HI-NRG/disco singer Pamala Stanley was in order. It's the combo of those sweet, delightful-voiced ladies like Pamala and that instantly catchy Italo-disco-inspired synthpop production that is always so addictive, and that's why this "Coming Out Of Hiding...The Sequel" compilation was a must-have for my music collection. Compilation, I say, because it appears to me that it's technically the best of all of Pamala's earliest efforts before 1990, including her 1983 HI-NRG hit, "Coming Out Of Hiding". That would have to be her definitive, signature hit, having been remixed and reworked into countless alternate versions for the true 80's dance enthusiast. The HI-NRG purists out there may find the slower-tempo, more pop-oriented 1990 remake a bit off and hard to get into, but it still has its charm. Though the 1983 original has a little more magic, I must admit, with my favorite thing about it being those highly infectious synthesized beats raining down with a flurry before that momentary pause and the main chorus sweeping in. That's why I've included the extended 6+ minute vocal version of it as a special bonus. Pamala's voice was more powerful than I had remembered it, something I determined when I retraced my steps and went back to begin with this compilation's proper opener, "Rihannon", which too is an infectiously fun HI-NRG thriller. She's got plenty more for you to shake your body to after that one. There's "Body Time", which I myself had the time of my life jamming to. There's a distinctive 70's disco feel about it while at the same time having that memorable and unmistakable 80's synthpop vibe going on with it, too. And those whispery commands of 'shake shake' being voiced in the background in sync with the repetitious, sultry spurts of 'body time' in the main chorus—it's no wonder I love this one so much! Definitely disco groovy is "This Is Hot", where that echoing chant of 'hot-hot-hot' kept me glued to the music for the entire three-and-a-half minute joyride. Pure pop heaven is where I was whisked off too by "Got The Fever". Then I was taken even higher by "I Don't Want To Talk About It". Love the conversational style of this song's delivery. I suddenly remembered I'd heard it years ago when Pamala and the backup vocalists join together in unison with that breakdown of the title lyrics followed by the brief beat drop, then when I got to that second chorus where the main melody is stripped out and the backup vocalists go 'I...I don't.....I don't wanna talk.....about it'. Packing even more perky pop punch than that is "Taking It Slow", which is anything buta slow song! Sounds like Pamala wants to be on easy street instead of the freeway when it comes to the game of love, as the sweet bubblegum lyrics of 'red stop means stop, green means go' fill your ears, This one gets extra props from me because of the jazzy accompaniment to the music, highlighted by the saxophone instrumental midway through. She does takes the slow route, however, on the ear-pleasing ballad that comes before it: "It Would Be So Easy". There's even room in this HI-NRG dance party for a burst of rock energy, which is infused to Track #7's "If Looks Could Kill" for some added spice to the sugary pop. So no more keeping this guilty music pleasure hidden away in the dark&mash;I've given it the full reveal, though your personal enjoyment of it remains to be seen and heard:

1. Rhiannon
2. Body Time
3. Got The Fever
4. Coming Out Of Hiding...The Sequel
5. This Is Hot
6. I Don't Want To Talk About It
7. If Looks Could Kill
8. It Would Be So Easy
9. Taking It Slow

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

10. Coming Out Of Hiding [1983 Long Version]

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