Tuesday, February 23, 2016

POP! FICTION-Pop! Fiction (2012)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: February 23, 2016

Turning a few pages back to another boyband, and this one hasn't been sitting on the shelf nearly as long as RIXTON had been. I had to bring the California crew that collectively calls itself POP! FICTION back into "The Music Spectrum" spotlight once more because I needed an outlet in which to express my complete and total adoration for this highly-addicting self-titled EP of theirs that I can't get out of my system! I suffered a similar condition while sifting through the chapters of the band's fun-filled storybook EP that was "Next Level". But with this particular edition seven-track edition, that condition has gotten worse, because every one of these songs have been getting the replay treatment, then getting stuck in my head, then getting the replay treatment again, and staying stuck in my head in a never-ending cycle with no end in sight! The cheerful, summertime vibe and the extremely catchy dance/pop swag to the opening cut, "Come Back", keeps me coming right back to it. The confident songwriter pleading for his girl's return wasn't done loving that girl of his dreams; I'm not done jamming to this song! So how many times have I listened to this one now? Too many times to count! Maybe I've enjoyed way too many replays of "Maybe I'll Call You Monday"; then again, maybe I haven't. One thing's for certain—it'll liven up any day of the week with its fun dance beat and the cool lyrics that accompany it. 'Maybe you'll hear from me after I'm done partying all night; maybe you won't and I'll forget about you altogether,' they say to the girl, in so many words. Looks like the British foursome I featured earlier today isn't the only group of boys that like girls. What a cool coincidence that Jake Roche and the rest of the RIXTON crew and these POP! FICTION boys recorded a song with the same title and the same theme, though with contrasting lyrics and their own personal style. Of course, a group of happy-go-lucky, carefree California boys are gonna favor the California girls, whom they admit they like the most on this EP's third track. But all kinds of girls make them feel good—from all reaches of the world, as is sung in the fresh rap break midway through. I'll tell you what what makes me feel good—my next top nomination for 'Dance Anthem Of The Summer', which is "This Is The Summer". It's the festive, Caribbean-inspired rhythm beneath the fast tempo of the beat that that gets me visualizing about California and all of those other warm-weather paradises. So many questions arise with the next addictive cut, What If?". What magic will be weaved between the songwriter and the girl when they spend a night on the town together? What if they fall in love? While they're trying to figure that out, I was busy getting hooked by the dancey rock beat and all of the catchy lyrics. Pretty nifty how the tempo switches and picks up speed in the main chorus. 'My heart is addicted, one kiss is not enough,' the lead singer says. But what about me? Is my heart addicted? Is one listen to this jam enough for me? A resounding 'YES!' and an even louder 'NO!' answer those latter two, respectively. The music stays energetically charged for the final two dance cuts: "Dance 'Til Midnight" (there's lots of thrilling, techno-tronic glitz happening on this one) and "Tonight It's Happening", which is a party all by itself and gets you pumped and ready to take on the night. These POP! FICTION boys are surely a popular attraction, and they've become a welcome addition to my pop music library:

1. Come Back
2. Maybe I'll Call You Monday
3. I Like Girls
4. This Is The Summer
5. What If?
6. Dance 'Til Midnight
7. Tonight It's Happening

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