Thursday, February 11, 2016

PRICE-SULTON - Lights On (1986)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: February 11, 2016

Let's keep the streak going with another winning combination, shall we? That would be drummer Thommy Price and multi-talented singer/guitarist Kasim Sulton who, together, formed the duo PRICE-SULTON. Their only project together—1986's "Lights On"—became an unexpected addition to my rock music library a short while ago, and it's perfect timing, considering that I'm still in the process of gathering up all of the 'P' artists and getting them all nice and organized. And they soooooooooooo deserve the few minutes in "The Music Spectrum" spotlight that I'm about to give them, as there are highlights aplenty here on "Lights On" to flip on your switches and lighten up your mood. Already three times is the current playback count I've given to a personal new-found favorite, "No T.V. No Phone". Lately, I'm the sucker for melodic, catchy hooks in these throwback 80's rock jams, and this one's got an irresistible one that keeps wanting to play the main chorus on and on inside my head to the point where I really might not watch any TV or get on the phone for the rest of my night! I've also been attracted to a lot of those upbeat rock jams with the great sounds to liven up my senses get me up and moving; the album's title track, plus another personal favorite called "Stories", are perfect examples of that. And to add to all of the beautiful rock songs about women I've been treated to lately (heard a very memorable one earlier this afternoon on the radio in the doctor's office in the name of STARSHIP's "Sara") is Track #5's warming story about special lifelong plans with a special someone named "Shana". Soft rock radio-friendly are the shimmering gems "Take Me Away" (I like the easy-flowing, laid-back delivery of this song; it adds to that whole take-me-away-with-you-forever romantic glow) and "Reckless & Wild" (stylistically mellow and tender-hearted like "Take Me Away", but not so 'reckless' on the beat at all with its chilled tempo and cooled groove.....until the surprise upbeat rock guitars cut through the music in the closing instrumental movements). And just friendly all around is the perky, positively upbeat song of love and confidence called "Heaven's Girl" (made the best of friends with me when the saxophone swept in later on to sweetly jazz up the music). Forty-five minutes—a small amount of time to sacrifice for switching these "Lights On".....and PRICE-SULTON is worth every second of it:

1. Shotgun Shy
2. No TV No Phone
3. Lights On
4. Take Me Away
5. Shana
6. Something's Gonna Happen
7. Stories
8. Reckless & Wild
9. Heaven's Girl
10. Oh No!

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