Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sherry Kean-Maverick Heart (1987)


From a singer I hadn't heard very much of in my lifetime of music-listening to a singer whom I simply hadn't ever heard performing at all, my trek back into the my favorite decade continues with Canadian pop/rock singer Sherry Kean. In a recent trend that has seen me serving up rarities that have been much sought-after by many followers of "The Music Spectrum" and 80's music fans alike, I now present "Maverick Heart", Sherry's final solo album in a rather abbreviated career that kicked off with her being the prominent voice of the Toronto-based short-lived band called THE SHARKS. And prominent that voice is—sharp, piercing, raspy and full of power on every one of the nine tracks performed here. It's that I'm-in-charge attitude in her vocal delivery that attracts me more than anything, particularly on the opener, "Why You Wanna Break My Heart?", then on "Back Away From Me", which is super-catchy, thanks to the terrific rock sound. Can't talk catchy tunes without mentioning Track #2's "Say It", which is pop bliss with it's perky bounce and the slight 60's girl group-inspired arrangement of the main chorus that features the backup vocals sweetly chiming in with the ' ooh ooh, I'm in love with you ' all throughout. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, right? So the popular adage goes, anyway. Well those priceless gemstones—and the even more priceless pearls—are the coveted jewels of affection metaphorically and poetically referred to on this album's fourth track. One can't hep but to become entranced by Sherry's vocals while she's preaching on this one, I myself having gotten lost inside of them while simply grooving along to the graceful tempo of the music. Entranced is one the many words I could use to describe what became of me upon my ears tuning into "I Believe In You". An emotional, mellow piece deserves to be performed by an amazing voice and to have the elegant melody of a violin and the punctuated riffs of a rock guitar giving it additional character and flair—my #1 favorite on this album by far! A heart of glass, a heart of stone, a heart of fire and a heart of gold—I think my heart was in the right place when I decided that "Maverick Heart" would make a marvelous choice for spending thirty minutes of your music-listening time:

1. Why You Wanna Break My Heart?
2. Say It
3. Take My Heart
4. Diamonds And Pearls
5. State Of The Heart
6. Back Away From Me
7. Baby Talk
8. I Believe In You
9. Chain Reaction

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