Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sherry Kean-People Talk (1983)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: February 11, 2016

Seems I sparked a lot of new interest—for myself as well as many other listeners out there—when I revived Canadian singer Sherry Kean with the sharing of her final solo album, "Maverick Heart". So I thought I'd keep that spark lit for a while longer with the offering of Sherry's full-length debut, "People Talk". She must've known far in advance that people really would be talking.....about how terrific this album was! They surely had a lot tot to rave on and on about after listening opening title track back in 1983, just as much as I have to say about it here and now in 2016! I've been talking about winning combinations all evening, and it's the jazzy, funk bounce of the beat wrapped around Sherry's exotic vocals that's the winning combo this time around. A song about gossip and the secrets people keep never sounded so good! That's why I spent a good fifteen or so minutes with the three or four replays of it I've enjoyed already, with more replays very likely in store for me before this night is over! "People Talk" may be what made Sherry the talk of the town those three decades ago, but I can bet there were just as many rave reviews for this album's second offering, "Would You Miss Me?" (it's on this deliciously dancey number where I liked the way her voice kind of 'hops' from one note to the next), plus "Universe Of Love" (what an instant catch this one is, driven by the dance beat beneath the rock guitars!), "I Want You Back" (a bad case of pure pop addiction will afflict you once the simple, looping words of 'I want you back' in the delicious hook get deep inside your system!) and "Litany Of Love" (the winning combination of the stylistic rap and the groovy dance party that erupts from the marvelous production is the tale of the tape here!). Reminding me yet again of how some of the most delightful pop from the 80's often contains the simplest lyrics is Track #6's "Be Mine". Of course, having an exotic voice like Sherry's at the helm giving a ringing performance on every note only heightens the overall entertainment value! Excellent instrumentals and sound effects, too, as there's a an ear-pleasing shimmer and glitzy sparkle about them that contribute to the music's enchanting glow. No mixed feelings for me at all on "Mixed Emotions", something else for the 80's pop lovers to get hooked to. I like how the song plays out, terminating with Sherry's intimate but restless series of interrogatives—'are you there? are you listening to me?'—as the music is fading out. They say talk is cheap, so perhaps it's best to put some action behind my words and discover what you're missing with "People Talk" on your own:

1. People Talk
2. Would You Miss Me?
3. Get Away From That Girl
4. No Kisses When We Part
5. Universe Of Two
6. Be Mine
7. I Want You Back
8. Stop The Sorrow
9. Mixed Emotions
10. Litany Of Love

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