Wednesday, February 24, 2016

UNITING NATIONS-One World (2005)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: February 24, 2016

On a night where I quite literally feel on top of the world—in so many ways than just one!—I thought it would be a perfect time to celebrate with one of my favorite dance albums! So I will now unite dance music lovers all around the world near and far by shining the spotlight on the short-lived British dance project that called itself UNITING NATIONS. Why they were so short-lived? That's beyond me, because the club hits they assembled on their one and only album, "One World", are out of this world! And rock my world down to the very core the production duo of Paul Keenan and Daz Sampson with vocalist Jinian Wilde did the very first time my ears received the reinvented trance reworking of the HALL & OATES golden oldie "Out Of Touch". In the regular album version that opens up this worldwide dance celebration, the memorable main chorus that goes 'you're out of touch, I'm out of time, but I'm out of my head when you're not around' (which is one of the best hooks out of all of the HALL & OATES songs, I must say) gets looped over and over, instantly hypnotizing me and sending me into an endless, dizzying spiral of dance bliss! It's always an exhilarating thrill ride whenever one of my favorite songs from my favorite decade gets rejuvenated with the modern techno treatment! Then making me want to stay aboard that thrill ride longer is the 7+ minute extended version—an absolute MUST for the dance club DJ's!—which this time does include some of the omitted lyrics from the original's verses. So once I had gotten in touch with this great remake of "Out Of Touch", it was feelin' mighty good—in a state of euphoria, you might even say! That feel-good feeling only got elevated to even loftier heights with each subsequent listen, one groovy mega-jam after the next! Except they're soooooooooooooooo short, particularly the follow-up cut, "You And Me" and the explosively great time that is "Tonight (In The City)" with its electrifying club energy! "She's Special" is one of the album's truly special cuts indeed, featuring the booming soulful vocals of a Donovan Blackwood that aren't heard anywhere else on this album and a bombastic beat that's like no other! And something else that's special, too: "Ai No Corrida", another excellent job well done by the production staff as they bring back a blast from the past and spruce it up with an ultra-groovy disco rhythm, spearheaded by the divalicious, sultry vocals of a Laura More. If you hadn't caught onto the dance fever by the time you got to this one, you'd surely come down with a bad case of it here! "Destiny" puts a charge into my juices every time—sunny and delightfully romantic on the surface; powerful and energizing underneath. With these kinds of dance projects, it's always cool when the producers flex their muscles and show off some of their mixing artistry, and that's what the British team does on the instrumental Euro-disco extravaganza that is "Blues And Twos", followed by the bonus snippets that it seems they threw in just for kicks:

1. Out Of Touch
2. You And Me
3. She's Special
4. Music In Me
5. Tonight (In The City)
6. Ai No Corrida
7. Loving You
8. Feels Like Heaven
9. Make Love
10. We're Gonna Make It
11. Destiny
12. Blues And Twos
13. Out Of Touch (I Love You So Much) [Extended Version]
14. Music In Me [Accapella]
15. Tonight (In The City) [Accapella]
16. Loving You [Accapella]
17. Feels Like Heaven [Accapella]
18. Make Love [Accapella]
19. Drum Sample
20. Funky Guitar Sample

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