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Celine Dion-Let's Talk About Love [Asian Limited Tour Edition] (1997)


Yeah, let's do that! And while we're at it, let's go ahead and talk about my favorite all-time Canadian pop singer and why I felt it was time to finally show her some love here at "The Music Spectrum"! There's so many wonderful things to talk about when it comes to this special double-disc edition of Queen Celine's fifth English studio album; may as well start the conversation with THE timeless hit of the 90's that people have been talking about for years: "My Heart Will Go On". The theme song to the epic 1997 film, "Titantic", has captivated my own heart over and over again, from that unmistakably beautiful woodwind overture that opens up the song to the thunderous, escalating climax with Celine's powerful chords soaring with passion—a breathtaking, romantic journey that always leaves me frozen in a state of awe. I almost can't go on after every time it plays! That is my third favorite track on this album; wow let's talk about my second favorite track. If you haven't yet treated your ears to "Treat Her Like A Lady", then you're definitely in for a tantalizing treat! 'Super-addicted' doesn't even begin to describe my eternal attachment to this jam! For an international pop star whose music is often classified in the soft rock/adult contemporary genre, Celine sure knows how to get hip on this one, as she employs the supporting vocals of both the female r&b group BROWNSTONE and reggae singer Diana King to bring home the message about men who treat their women wrong and the eventual consequences that they'll have to pay for their mischievous mishandling in return. So many delicious ingredients into making this treat so tasty: the funky beat and the overall fabulous production for starters, then Diana King declaring that so many men 'want to hit and run' (getting women to fall for them, then play around and leave them heartbroken), then the chants of the BROWNSTONE ladies going 'go! go! what goes around comes around!' and Celine's tell-it-like-it-is, stunningly soulful preaching of the meaningful words. ' You'll make a good girl crazy if you don't treat her like a lady ', she warns repeatedly during the main chorus. Keeping with the theme of the "Titantic" theme song, my heart could not have gone on without treating myself further with at least one of its many dance remixes; you'll find that I've shared a pair of them as extras to this special edition's first CD. And for #1 favorite track? Well it was originally found on select single-CD editions, but I had to include it here to make this already-special edition I'm sharing even more special: "To Love You More". Talk about a breathtaking love song that really grabs hold of my heart without letting go! For much the same reason why I've remained eternally attached to "My Heart Will Go On" is why this powerful beauty gets me as its audience more so than nearly all of other Celine's greatest hits! The scintillating, emotional outcry of the melancholy violin overtures had been the very first thing that struck me when I got this CD a long time ago, captivating every one of my senses and leaving me frozen as the shrill voice of Queen Celine screams 'I'll be waiting for you, here inside my heart, I'm the one who wants to love you more'. I'm so in love with that sad violin playing; that's why—maintaining that "Titantic" theme again—my heart could not go on without having the instrumental version as a listening companion. And then I had to have a whole slew of dance remixes of it, too; my heart wouldn't be complete without them! 'Let me be the one who loves you more': my favorite words from the main chorus have a lasting impact on me, and so does that extended wailing that closes out the song in haunting fashion. Maneuvering beyond the aforementioned trio is no simple task; dozens of replays of them are often require before my heart will let me move on to this album's other dazzling gems. When I do break free of the frozen-in-time loop, I'm enamored with the sensual Spanish-language offering "Amar Haciendo El Amor" (being able to sing in English, French and Spanish? This lady can do it all!), "Just A Little Bit Of Love" (a groovy dance jam I sometimes overlook with my other top three favorites clustered on this album and the ringing performances that are the monumental opening track, "The Reason", and "Love Is On The Way" (I absolutely adore her high-soaring vocals and those of the backing choir on this one, that line about love coming on wings of angels so heavenly). Celine doesn't steal the show all by herself; besides the invited guests on "Treat Her Like A Lady", she shares the spotlight with iconic actress and fellow pop legend Barbara Streisand on the magical duet "Tell Him" and the Italian operatic vocalist Luciano Pavarotti on the elegant selection, "I Hate You Then I Love You". I could go on talking about how much I love this album until the sun rises again, but why don't I just let the marvelous music here speak for itself?

CD #1

1. The Reason
2. Immortality
3. Treat Her Like A Lady
4. Why Oh Why?
5. Love Is On The Way
6. Tell Him [with Barbara Streisand]
7. Amar Haciendo El Amor
8. When I Need You
9. Miles To Go (Before I Sleep)
10. Us
11. Just A Little Bit Of Love
12. My Heart Will Go On [Love Theme From "Titanic"]
13. Where Is The Love?
14. Be The Man
15. I Hate You Then I Love You [with Luciano Pavarotti]
16. Let's Talk About Love

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

17. Treat Her Like A Lady [The Metro Club Mix]
18. Treat Her Like A Lady [Ric Wake Club Mix]

CD #2

1. My Heart Will Go On [Richie Jones Mix]
2. To Love You More [Tony Moran Mix]
3. Be The Man [Karaoke Version]
4. Unison [Remix]
5. Love Can Move Mountains [Live Version]

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

6. To Love You More [Original Version]
7. To Love You More [Tony Moran's Crossover Edit]
8. To Love You More [Tony Moran's Pop Edit]
9. To Love You More [Tony Moran's I'll Be... Waiting Vocal Mix]
10. To Love You More [DJ Igor Trance Remix]
11. To Love You More [Instrumental Version]

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