Wednesday, March 9, 2016

CLOUSEAU-Close Encounters (1991)


Closing in on another cool crew whom I've yet to have close encounters with. Though it sure feels like it was somewhere back in my yester-years where I'd first gotten acquainted with the the hugely-successful Belgian pop/rock band that calls itself CLOUSEAU. A little fun fact for me personally: their debut English album was produced by same man who was brainchild behind the production for the fellow Belgian band I've come to know and love as SOULSISTER (and have found myself exploring all things SOULSISTER/Paul Michiels-related ever since). Maybe that's where that familiarity came from when I commenced my listening with the perky opener, "She's After Me". But it's more than just that 'SOULSISTER feeling' I get here; there's a little bit of that classic rock sound—like even before the 80's—that I get, particularly with the way the main chorus is delivered. I'm almost thinking THE BEATLES here? Besides that, it's just fun listening to the story of why the woman the songwriter sings about is only after him and why the other guys need to drop out of the romancing competition. "That's Alright" has a great sound soon, and just as appealing are the poetic lyrics that portray the woman as a kind of magical sorceress, eyes full of rainbows and the power to create princes out of toads, as the colorful lyrics go. By the time I took in the delightful 80's-sounding pop that is the tribute about a lady named "Louise", I'd gathered that singing songs about the many different women in their lives was this Belgian crew's forte. Especially those with positive themes, which is why I adored every moment of "With A Woman Like You", where the songwriter feels he can do anything and be anything when he's lost inside of her, the graceful breeze that is "When You Smile", the piano piece called "Nathalie" and the concluding ambient piece simply named "Heaven", which is the place he has in mind for him and her (this one went right onto my 'Ambient Chill-Out Mix' playlist, the haunting atmospheric melody breathing beneath the slow beat being like the ultimate chill-out groove!). "One Last Night" was probably the only time on this album where I sensed a hint of sadness and loneliness. That yearning and pleading for one more night of love..... Think I've found a new drug in the dancey pop addiction that "Give It Up" has become after I enjoyed two back-to-back listens of it! Prescribe me another one for Track #10's "Anna", a short-n'-sweet piece that begins with a fine acapella intro and lively upbeat perk similar to that of the production for "Louise", as well as one for "She's All Mine". So that closes the book on this chapter with the CLOUSEAU crew, but it's a book that won't stay closed and sitting on the book shelf forever:

1. She's After Me
2. That's Alright
3. Close Encounters
4. Louise
5. With A Woman Like You
6. When You Smile
7. Give It Up
8. One Last Night
9. Nathalie
10. Anna
11. She's All Mine
12. Heaven

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