Wednesday, March 2, 2016

CREW 7-Number One (2010)


Looks like I've found another exciting crew to hang out with! In my recent joyrides with the SOUL BROS. duo, I've been checking into some of their other singles that my ears have yet to tune in to. One of those singles, according to the discography listed on their website at, is "Bad Boys", which I assume to be a dance remake of that memorable INNER CIRCLE classic and theme song used for the "C.O.P.S." televised police series that I used to watch faithfully. While I look forward to jamming to this one sometime in the near future, I've for now, in anticipation, turned my attention to the German trance production team who is featured on this "Bad Boys" remake. Perhaps trance-hop is more accurate of a description; at least that's what I've gathered so far in my first tour with this German crew's debut full-length album, so appropriately entitled "Number One". That's because, besides it being their debut album, they've done some stellar work here in reviving some #1 chart-topping hits! Kicking off the trance party explosion is their cool techno reinvention of the Eddy Grant classic, "Electric Avenue". The energetic club beat is fabulous! I wonder if this would be the same 'techno remix' of "Electric Avenue" I had heard years ago without even realizing that this CREW 7 team was the one responsible for bringing it up to modern-day times? It can't be, because the vocals, while they are in fact performed by a male vocalist in the group, are noticeably different, though I can hear Eddy Grant's vocals from the original echoing with the vocals of the guy performing here. Making this even more of an attractive club jam is the fresh rap lyrics,which flow ever so nicely with the bombastic club energy! The alternate 'Radio Mix', however, sees a noticeable downshift in the tempo and becomes an easy-listening mid-tempo groove. Nice for the ears, but considering my initial thrills from the 'Sunrider Radio' mix that jump starts this album, I'm gonna have to favor that one instead! But following the opener is THE cut that's got me going crazy happy: their trance remake of SURVIVOR's "Eye Of The Tiger". Seems like I've been getting treated to so many dance remakes of my favorite songs from the 80's lately, and this one is a definite smash club hit! And now I've got SURVIVOR's original, plus images of that "Rocky" movie, embedded in my head as I write. Had to skip down to the 'Dancehall Mix', which adds a touch of reggae flavor , and after that 4+ minutes was up, I decided that the 'Sunset Crew Radio' version was more of a thrill! The REAL shocker for me had to be the one waiting for me on Track #6: "Money For Nothing". The memorable DIRE STRAITS classic getting the trance remix treatment, too? Waaaaaaaaaaaaay cool! The rock guitar riffs, the chords, the lyrics talking about the TV's and microwave ovens—it's all here! Best part about it is the guy performing the vocals, who's right on point with matching the vocals of DIRE STRAITS's lead singer on the 80's original. Could jam to his one all night long, except I'd have to play it over and over about half a dozen times since the song runs for just a little over the three-minute mark; I need an extended remix! Making me and my ears happy again is the crew's remake of Pink's smash radio hit, "Get This Party Started". Haven't listened to very much of Pink over the years, but I know that's one of my favorite songs my her (besides "Just Like A Pill"). Didn't now that "Thunderstruck" was an AC/DC cover until I looked it up, and once I heard the guy's gritty, over-the-top vocals and the rock guitars, it made absolute sense. Heavy metal glam rock and thunderous techno beats—an awesome combination! Some of these trance jams just make me wanna get down on the dance floor, and that's exactly what I believe the intention was behind this album's fourth track appropriately entitled "Get Down". Besides the great club energy, I like when the guy during one of the rap breaks busts out with the 'the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire, we don't need no water, let it burn'! "Shawty Wanna Ride" becomes almost too addicting with its extremely groovy rhythm and catchy sing-a-long arrangement, not to mention the cool electronic voice effects. And I'm not ashamed at all to say how much I love the even groovier cut "Such A Shame", which has a lofty, summery air about it. Gosh—I need extended remixes of ALL of these tracks! In the meantime, me thinks I'll be hanging out with this CREW 7 crew for a while:

1. Avenue (Sunrider Radio)
2. Give Into The Bass (Bootleg Radio)
3. Eye Of The Tiger (Sunset Crew Radio)
4. Get Down (Geeno Fabulous Radio) [feat. Young Sixx]
5. Shawty Wanna Ride (Bootleg Radio)
6. Money For Nothing (Radio Edit)
7. Thunderstruck (Radio Edit)
8. Get The Party Started - The Remixes Vol. 1 (Original Radio)
9. Avenue (Radio Edit)
10. Eye Of The Tiger (Dancehall Radio Mix)
11. Such A Shame (Sunset Crew Radio Edit)
12. Everytime We Touch (Club Radio) [feat. Men Of Honor]

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