Thursday, March 3, 2016

CREW 7-Number Two (2014)


Told you I'd be hanging out with CREW 7 for a while! So what's new with this German dance crew on album "Number Two"? A lot of electrifying favorites filling up my rapidly-growing 'Energy Mix' playlist, for starters! The one cut that I was soooooooooooo looking forward to heading into this one clicked on all cylinders for me, just as I predicted it would: "Bad Boys", the CREW 7's revitalized trance reworking of the INNER CIRCLE/"C.O.P.S." theme song original, which I'd alluded to in last night's feature presentation. It was a definite 'OMG!' (that acronym translated as that oh-so-ubiquitous social media phrase 'Oh my God!', of course) moment for me the instant I heard the familiar chords and the memorable words against the thunderous Eurodance energy, my newly-discovered and much coveted dance duo, SOUL BROS. making like Eurodance DJ's and providing the vocals in rapid-fire fashion i sync with the blazing high-tempo rhythm! But then I was also looking forward to a few other familiar titles that I recognized from my yesterdays, once I'd peeked ahead at this album's track-listing. SALT N' PEPA's old-school hip-hop jam, Push It", getting the trance remix treatment, too? Now that's just totally awesome! The 80's original had already sounded like it was well-prepped for Eurodance conversiion, given its distinctively catchy electronic beat, so the glitzy techno infused into the music for this New Millennium reproduction was right on point! I really dig the female vocalist named Raheema on this one, who spices up this old-school classic with a different style of bold and sexy steaminess that I find quite attractive, keeping that classic 'push it real good' line that was pushed forward hard and tight on the original. I was already gleefully satisfied with the pair of mixes of SURVIVOR's "Eye of The Tiger" pushed on me by this German crew's previous effort, but I happily accepted this new 'Dancehall Radio Mix', which strikingly sounds exactly like the 80's original—rock guitars and that signature motivational heading-into-the-fight-of-your-life suspense and all—save for the few times after the group's male lead voices the main chorus when the tempo shifts up to the super-charged trance rhythm. Then my second 'OMG!' moment surely had to be the concluding cut: a thrilling tribute to the late 'King Of Pop' with the trance club remake of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean". What's so amazing here is that the guy singing where sounds nearly identical to the man who wowed millions with his classic moonwalk and stellar dance moves in his MTV videos and live concerts. I'd always envisioned one day hearing all of Michael's greatest hits in techno/Eurodance format; one of my wishes was definitely fulfilled here! Besides the cuts I expected to embrace, the unexpected thrilled me as well, spear-headed by the wild ride that is the album's opener. Adding fuel to the high-energy fire is "Dancehall Queen" (love the stadium club energy and the guy's digitally-transformed vocals skillfully laying down the lyrics), "Eternity" (a heavenly ride, this one is, with this Ted Newton and his high and lofty vocals; it only feels like the heavenly ride is over before it even lifts off the ground!) and "I Go To Rio" (the happy melody and the sunny words of the songwriter's lady making him wanna do the samba and other lovely things made me smile; the thunderously bombastic beat made me smile even more!). Had to crank up the volume a notch on "This Time" because the electronic beat is ultra-groovy! But no matter how low or how high I had the the volume turned up, I had me yet another blast with this CREW 7 crew, and I'm sure they'll be my crewmates again when I blast off into their exciting world of trance in the future:

1. Wild (Radio Mix) [feat. Geeno Fabulous]
2. Tonight (Radio Mix)
3. This Time (Hans-O-Matik Radio)
4. I Go To Rio (Radio Mix)
5. Push It (Radio Cut) [feat. Raheema]
6. Throw Your Hands Up (Radio Mix)
7. Bad Boys (Crew & Edit) [feat. Soul Bros.]
8. Eternity (Radio Version) [feat. Ted Newton]
9. Satisfaction (Festival Edit)
10. Dancehall Queen (Radio Club)
11. Eye Of The Tiger (Gordon & Doyle Edit)
12. Billie Jean (Club Edit) [Geeno Fabulous]

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