Saturday, March 5, 2016

JUSTICE CREW-Live By The Words (2014)


While the German dance group CREW 7 has been doing me music justice the past couple of nights with all of their thrilling club jams, I hadn't been serving a different dance crew with the same deserving justice.....that is, until now! The fourth season winners of the "Australia's Got Talent" reality television competition had been among the seemingly endless sea of new breakout boybands of this New Millennium that I'd yet to dive in deep with, first getting hip to them through their debut single, "And Then We Dance". Well now I can proudly say that I've finally taken that true first plunge with this JUSTICE CREW after getting swept away with their proper first album, "Live By The Words". Those screaming girls and the cheering crowds that make up the ambiance of the introductory piece might've been created just for special effect, but that's the exact response that the pop superstar-quality jams that follow are worthy of for real! "Que Sera": 'What will be will be', as the translation to the popular Spanish adage goes, and this jam 'will be' an awesome addition to my playlist of boyband favorites! And what 'will be' even more awesome is jamming to each of the five remixes all over again, the 'Selfie Remix' and the 'Mind Electric Mix' being just a couple of the highlights from the bonus package. Which one 'will be' your favorite? An early indicator that this JUSTICE CREW loves to party and is a fun bunch of guys to hang out with is Track #3's "Fly"; the ' let's get stupid ' to the 'can we boom boom boom to the beat that's playing?' says it all, spiced up with the slick rap break and the alternating between the trippy mid-tempo swing to the dancey jump when the music shifts to the main chorus. But no "Fly" remixes? It needs some; I was oh-so-wishing I could've found at lease one! It's the same carefree party atmosphere erupting on the explosively hot track "Boom Boom" (the guys were not the only ones who were saying ' it's gettin' hot in here ' while I was jamming along!), which surely has become a #1 popular hit for this Aussie crew, given the amount of times it's been remixed (a half-dozen remixes are already in my own possession; I wonder if there's more?). The way one of the guys chants the 'boom boom' with his deep voice and the glitzy arena-pleasing spark of the electronic rhythm beat—it's ultra-catchy and ultra-fun! Now that I think of it, there's a dance party gettin' started just about everywhere on this album. "Always Been Real": the 'chipmunk vocals' may be a bit disorienting, but you can't ignore the pulsating beat and the skilled rapper delivering the wicked words). "Everybody": wow—have I heard THIS one so many times, that perfect club-friendly feel-gooder that I can fill up a whole night with alone! 'Just let the good times flow', the guys encourage, and that's some advice well-taken! Got five fantastic remixes for your ears to indulge in, the 'Jump Smokers Remix' being one of my top picks! How much I love listening to "I Love My Life". It's got one of the coolest productions with its funky dance groove/acoustic rock/electo-pop flash going on. But even better is the reinvented techno version called the 'Matt Watkins Remix'. Now that one really should've been the album version (love that high-speed, escalating rise before the trance explosion!), as the non-mixed original sounds as if it is always trying to build up to a super-charged techno beat anyways. "Rise & Fall": there's this epic, cinematic vibe I get while listening to this warming pop/rock tune that keeps me hooked; it's has the same kind of adult contemporary charm that BACKSTREET BOYS' "Incomplete" has on me. Only seems fitting that an Aussie crew that likes to party would perform a song called "Life's A Party"&mash;another great jam!—and that this thrilling 2+ hour voyage (just a half-hour trip without the exciting remixes, but you gotta have 'em!) concludes with the adventurous, bouncy ride into the warming sunset that is "Ride Until The Sun". Though I've saved the best for last, and I enjoyed my best moments with these boys on "Best Night". I'm in dreamland all throughout this mellow dance feel-gooder, where once again, the techno synthesizing bears shades of that spacey 80's-style electronic production that always makes me think about my favorite decade (which is why I couldn't be without the trio of remixes to this one, either, particularly the 'Kucumber EDM Mix'). So needless to say, I have been on cruise control with this JUSTICE CREW ever since, and those are truly words that I can live by:

1. Intro
2. Que Sera
3. Fly
4. Rise & Fall
5. Interlude
6. Boom Boom
7. I Love My Life
8. Best Night
9. Always Been Real
10. Everybody
11. Life's A Party
12. Ride Until The Sun

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

13. Que Sera [Selfie Remix]
14. Que Sera [Tobby Drumstep Remix]
15. Que Sera [Mind Electric Remix]
16. Que Sera [Acoustic Mix]
17. Boom Boom [DJ Geny Tur & DJ МакsимOFF Remix]
18. Boom Boom [Bodega Bullies Remix]
19. Boom Boom [Djuro Bootleg Remix]
20. Boom Boom [Supasound Dub Remix]
21. Boom Boom [Supasound Club Remix]
22. Boom Boom [Slice N Dice Remix]
23. Best Night [Kucumber EDM Mix]
24. Best Night [Scotty T Remix]
25. Best Night [DJ Shamoon Remix]
26. Everybody [I Like To Party Remix feat. Jay Park]
27. Everybody [Loutaa Bootleg]
28. Everybody [Jump Smokers Remix]
29. Everybody [DJ Rayman Jump Style Mix]
30. Everybody [DJ Unicorn Remix]
31. I Love My Life [Matt Watkins Remix]

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