Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kelly Marie-Do You Like It Like That? [LP] (1979)


Yes I do like it like that! A second night at the disco with Ms. Kelly Marie saw me reacquainting my ears with her timeless classic hit that she's forever been known for: "Feels Like I'm In Love". Such a cheery love song this one is with its memorable and supremely sunny hook, sung by someone who surely does feel the happiness of true love floating in the air; those are the kinds of disco songs I like! Right after that is one that I enjoyed on her previous LP, but somehow found myself enjoying so much more the second time around: "Take Me To Paradise". And it was during that moment of listening when I realized that exactly half of this album contains selections recorded on the previous "If I Can't Have You" LP. In addition to the second track, I got my second fill-up on the romantic glow of a charmer that is "I Can't Get Enough" (I really cannot seem to 'get enough' of this song, and maybe Ms. Marie knew that herself, which is why she included it on this next album a year later), plus "Make Love To Me", "Run To Me" (dazzled by her shrill, soaring voice yet again on this one!) and the adorable beauty that is"This Night Was Made For Loving", which is actually the track entitled "Loving Just For Fun" from the previous LP, but with just a different title. In addition to "Feels Like I'm In Love", the batch of newbies, then, consisted of "New York At Night", "Fill Me With Your Love" and a pair of new-found favorites whose groovy disco beats swept me up and got me into the dancin' mood: "Get Up On Your Feet" (I like that 'oooh-oooh' chimed by the backup ladies and whoever's saying 'well, well, well, well' in the beginning) and this album's title track itself (a fun moment when she sings the part about her lips being on fire, liking the stylized flair she puts on 'fire' in the first verse). Lots to like about this LP and its lovely singer, and they're both sure to leave you aloft in music bliss whether you like it or not:

1. Feels Like I'm In Love
2. Take Me To Paradise
3. I Can't Get Enough
4. Get Up Get On Your Feet
5. Make Love To Me
6. Do You Like It Like That?
7. New York At Night
8. Run To Me
9. This Night Was Made For Loving
10. Fill Me With Your Love

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