Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kelly Marie-If I Can't Have You [LP] (1978)


Marching along with more merry melodies from before my time tonight, making a splash in the sea of disco music with Kelly Marie's 1978 LP, "If I Can't Have You". I must admit—it sure was a nice change of pace to be riding the waves with this Scottish singer, not having tuned in to very much in the sea of disco in quite a while altogether. And a second confession: I thought this album's opening title track would be the familiar disco classic that I've always known and love and have always associated with Yvonne Elliman. In a way, it was; the lyrics of the first couple of lines to the main chorus are almost exactly the lyrics of the disco original, but then deviates off course after that with Kelly's own original lyrics. Besides that, the more slowed-down groove is notably different. Still, it's a charming beginning to this music adventure, which quickly picks up speed with "Make Love To Me". Now this is what I call a disco classic, one that I'm certain I've heard many times before. After that is when the music really starts to grab my attention. "Look What You Get" has a delightfully bouncy, almost theatrical stage spirit about it that brings to mind those cabaret showgirls. Then there was the super-catchy "Sentimental Kisses". Wasn't long before the bouncy beat of the main chorus got me hooked. And I just love Kelly's sharp vocals here—almost singing like she's lecturing to the man she's no longer interested in—particularly the way she sings 'sen-tee-men-till kiss-siss' with that sultry drag on the word 'kiss'. It's a lot of fun listening to "Loving Just For Fun", where her angelically lofty, soaring voice is the star of the show (that 'whoo baby!' gets me every time), a golden three minutes under the "Silvery Moon" (felt that showgirl vibe again on this romantically dreamer of a tune, sweetly jazzed up by the horn throughout), and groove to move to on "Run To Me" (from the sexy moan in the beginning to the whispery 'don't stop' and her amazingly shrill vocals that shock and wake up the senses later, she sings supreme on this one!), with the soft, slow groove of "I Can't Get Enough" being enough to satisfy the easy-listening audience with its adorable romantic glow (70's love songs just like this are always so charming on my ears). Just as I had 'applauded' Ms. Marie's 2003 HI-NRG dance thriller she released back in 2003, 1978's "If I Can't Have You" gets an equal hand clap of praise from me for this throwback performance of hers:

1. If I Can't Have You
2. Make Love To Me
3. Look What You Get
4. Sentimental Kisses
5. Loving Just For Fun
6. Take Me To Paradise
7. Silvery Moon
8. I Can't Get Enough
9. Run To Me
10. Limelight (Eternally)

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Jeffrey Burke said...

Make Love To Me was covered by Helen Reddy a year after Kelly recorded this fabulous slice of disco.