Saturday, March 12, 2016

Leif Garrett-Can't Explain (1980)


.....Why these rare 80's music gems keep finding their way into my treasure trove? Yeah, I can't explain it either, but I can offer up a few reasons why the fourth solo album by iconic American actor and former teen idol, Leif Garrett, was another delightful listen! It was a good lady friend who'd requested this one ages ago, and while she's had plenty of time to catch up and relive some old music nostalgia after receiving it first, I had a few momentary 80's flashbacks of my own the moment the music kicks off with the opener, "Bare Trees". Released right at the start of my favorite decade, "Can't Explain" met my expectations for providing me with some more of that good ole classic rock sound, the kind that's so easy to get into and the kind that I would leave playing out loud all throughout my apartment as background music to keep me company in place of the radio station. My first time through (and there surely will be a few more spins of this record, because 30+ minutes isn't nearly enough to satisfy the 80's junkie in me!) I found the selections that sparkled the most to be "You Had To Go And Change On Me", "Stuck In The Middle With You" (I really like Leif's strong vocals on this one), the dancey jam of a good time that is " Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' " (and quite addicting, once the looping of the title lyrics begins to set inside my head), the lively blast that is the song paying tribute to a woman named "Rowena" and the slowed-down, easy-listening jewel that is "Thoughts", whose hazy guitar melody totally casts shades of that well-known MICKEY & SYLVIA hit, "Love Is Strange" (featured on the soundtrack to that memorable Patrick Swayzee film, "Dirty Dancing"). Yet the entire album, despite the quick joyride thait is, is plenty thrilling. It's just good music; what else is there to explain?

1. Bare Trees
2. You Had To Go And Change O Me
3. Stuck In The Middle With You
4. Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
5. Love's So Cruel
6. I Can't Explain
7. Bits And Pieces
8. Thoughts
9. Run Run Run
10. Rowena

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