Friday, March 11, 2016

OCTOPUS-The Best Of Octopus (1990)


Charting through fresh new waters tonight as I cast my pole into the endless sea of easy-listening music and yank out this rare catch that's been swimming around since before my time. Just spent the past hour getting my feet wet with the British/Belgian band that curiously called itself OCTOPUS (and to think these bands from the 80's had some quirky names!), and what a delightful hour it was, their soothing, romantic harmonies and graceful melodies giving me and my ears something calm and peaceful to get all nice and cozy with. It's not so often that I get to indulge in the soft rock sounds of the 70's, but when I do, there's this special glow to the music that I don't get from music that I'm more familiar with recorded in later decades. I found myself breezing along through every leg of this OCTOPUS voyage, finding special attachment first to "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", followed by "The Way You Look Tonight" and the acapella offering, "My Foolish Heart". It wasn't until the final legs of this voyage where I realized a small gathering of familiar popular hits were part of this OCTOPUS crew's song manifest. Can't believe how many versions of the timeless romantic classic "Sealed With A Kiss" I've heard now ever since I first got wind of the memorable Jason Donovan/Kylie Minogue duet years ago; this OCTOPUS version sure has that appealing 'golden oldie' sound that'll keep me coming back to it. THE FOUR SEASONS' original recording of "Sherry" is appropriate for every season of the year, and this British/Belgian band captivated me with their own classy spin on it for this occasion as well. Then there's "Bring It On Home To Me", a song that I knew I had recognized from its title, as it appears on Scottish/English actor John Alford's self-titled album. Loved (and eventually favorited!) his dancey, reggae-inspired Euro-poppy version, and echoes of that experience seeped into my ears listening to the slowed-down, bluesy sway of this OCTOPUS version, which has its own delightful, magical glow that attracts me to it. Then speaking more about magical music moments, the song right before it, "I'm So In Love With You", is a magical moment as well. It has an intimate way of gripping me from the very moment their collective voices harmonize the singing of the words ' I'm so in....' in the very beginning. So now that I've entertained myself with the best of what this band has to offer, I now will extend my hands (all eight of them) and share the best that OCTOPUS has to offer with the rest of you:

1. Cry (If Your Sweetheart Sends A Letter)
2. September In The Rain
3. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
4. Out Of Nowhere
5. All The Things You Are
6. I'm In The Mood For Love
7. My Special Angel
8. Chapel In The Moonlight
9. South Of The Border
10. Tell Me Why
11. Once In A While
12. My Foolish Heart
13. The Way You Look Tonight
14. Love Me With All Your Heart
15. Sealed With A Kiss
16. Sherry
17. Don't Say That You Love Me
18. Sarah
19. I'm So In Love With You
20. Bring It On Home To Me

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