Thursday, March 24, 2016

Peter Wilson-Pulsation (2013)


Bet you can already feel the 'pulse' emanating from this next goodie I'm about to spring upon "The Music Spectrum"! Resuming my mission of collecting those remaining items needed to update and organize the 'P' entries in my music collection, I turn my attention back to my favorite multi-talented dance artist from the Land Down Under: Peter Wilson. Got a bit off track with staying up on him, following the thrill of a good time I enjoyed with his debut, "Follow Me", then more recently, 2011's "Stereo" and 2012's "Laser Light", but Pete's totally back on my music radar today after 2013's sensational "Pulsation" got my own pulses working overtime! I predicted that would happen, knowing good and well that he's been collaborating with PWL mix-master Pete Hammond and the up-and-coming, highly-talented producer Matt Pop. Igniting my day right off the bat with a bright spark was the opener, "Lonely Is The Night". Well, the night won't even seem so 'lonely' with the sweet melody and the even sweeter, uplifting lyrics keeping you and your ears company! Totally digging the 80's-inspired synthpop beat and just the cool production overall! The 80's.....that's what kept going on through my mind all throughout, and one song in particular that totally captures the spirit of my favorite decade is the concluding "Love On The Run". Classic Italo-disco, in fact, is what instantly popped up in my mind, and in terms of pop value, I would say that its catchiness makes it pop-tastic! One thing I was became aware of all over again is how beautifully Pete's vocals complement the melodies, which is the primary reason for me falling in love with "I Should Have Known Better" (gotta dig that groovy synthpop beat and those 'disco riffs' heard before the first verse), "Here I Go Impossible Again" (a supreme candidate for your latest 'Song Stuck Inside My Head', especially with that heavenly voice break, featuring the twinkly melody and Pete's haunting, echoed vocals), "Love On The Line" "(this is like one of those wake-up-out-of-bed songs to get the morning juices flowing, thanks to the energetic electronic charge-up before the main chorus) and "Unconditional" (this one like the ultimate sunny theme song about his confession of love, the bubbly beat and happy melody complementing every wonderful word). Some songs are just pure pop fun: the carefree cheer that is "I'm Alive"; the bubblegum treat that fills the heart with joy entitled "Crazy Beautiful", the 'Pete Hammond Radio Mix' of "What Goes Around Comes Around" (oh yes, that memorable PWL bass line is all here in its former glory once again!) and the title track itself, where I even took time to appreciate the cool nuances like the digitized vocals chiming in with the monotonic 'pul-sa-tion' during the midway break. There's a very good reason this album was released through the dance music label called Energise Records, and Track #13's "Dangerous", which is all about the Aussie dance artist wanting to lose self-control and wants that bad boy in him to be brought out to play, is one that's sure to energize you! Check your pulse to make sure you're still alive and kicking after you've gotten your jam on and spun yourself dizzy on the disco dance floor:

1. Lonely Is The Night
2. Pulsation
3. I Should Have Known Better
4. Love Is On The Line
5. What Goes Around Comes Around (A2E Mix)
6. I Still Call Your Name
7. Unconditional
8. I'm Alive
9. Bridge To Your Heart
10. Crying In The Rain
11. Crazy Beautiful
12. Here I Go Impossible Again
13. Dangerous
14. What Goes Around Comes Around (Pete Hammond Radio Mix)
15. Love On The Run

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totinoz said...

Awesome. Love his stuff. I remember... many years ago racing out to buy his debut CD Single 'Move'. Danced to that in my room as a kid. lol :) He's just brilliant. Thanks so much