Tuesday, March 8, 2016

SCARLETT AND BLACK-Scarlett And Black (1988)


And yet another way that I like to jam! It's back to my wonderful world of the 80's as I proudly present SCARLETT AND BLACK, the British synthpop duo of Robin Hild and Sue West who made its only mark in music history with the releasing of its memorable self-titled album. I've already been suffering through from a major case of music addiction and music euphoria with all of my personal music wishes that have been getting fulfilled lately. And now with me taking my turn to fulfill someone else's personal wish, my condition's bound to get worse, as I suddenly remembered how much I loved listening to the album's catchy opener, "You Don't Know" (it's that delightfully sunny melody and Robin's soaring, breezy vocals, despite the lyrics about crying out to the woman whom he cares about being not so delightful) and the super-catchy follow-up, "Let Yourself Go-Go", which has one of the catchiest hooks you'll ever hear in 80's synthpop, highlighted by the bouncy rhythm and the second part of main chorus where the singing of 'let yourself go-go-go-go-go-go' experiences a gradual decrease in vocal pitch until it becomes distinctively throaty and deep. It's no wonder I had these two saved onto an old playlist! But the pop goodness doesn't stop there; in fact, each and every one of the songs that follows is potentially pop contagious, enough to cause you to quarantine yourself inside your own quarters so that you can stay locked inside your own private music prison! "Dream Out Loud" is simply soft rock radio perfect, a beautifully dreamy ballad where their mellow vocals give it that special glow that fills me up inside. Something else that's beautifully dreamy—the touching ear-pleasing tune of hope for eternal togetherness that is "Someday". With Robin's soft vocals leading the way, I really could be whisked off into some heavenly place and listen to this one forever and forever! Haunting yet ear-pleasing as well is the slowed-tempo number "What Is Love?". It's another with a great hook, but this one has a way of growing on me gradually with the way the rhythm sways and how Robin's voice soars over the words. 'Miracles can happen when you least expect it': I totally agree with that inspirational line from this album's sixth track, and ensuring that those inspirational words stick with you, there's a catchy chorus to jam to here as well! Delighting my ears in every way imaginable is "Yesterday's Gone", particularly with the the jazzy zing that's heard in spurts throughout and the cool beat drop break midway through. It's the big-time perky dance groove of "Real Love" that'll really have you doing some serious jammin' while the ascending majestic trumpet instrumentals towards the waning climactic movements of "If It's All The Same To You" will infect you with even more pop pestilence! And finally, there's "City Of Dreams (The Last Frontier)". It's a very warming selection already in its first couple of minutes, but then the thoughtful touch of the children's collective voices, followed by the unified voices of the men and women at the end—all seemingly to represent the people living in that city of dreams—molds it into a wonderful way to close out this wonderful album:

1. You Don't Know
2. Let Yourself Go-Go
3. Dream Out Loud
4. Someday
5. What Is Love?
6. Miracle Or Mirage
7. Yesterday's Gone
8. Real Love
9. If It's All The Same To You
10. City Of Dreams (The Last Frontier)

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