Thursday, April 28, 2016

BAHA MEN-I Like What I Like (1997)


Yes, that is very much true—I do in fact like what I like! And I've heard enough of the Bahamian group who made waves with their worldwide dance hit "Who Let The Dogs Out?" to know that I like their music very much. Hadn't heard any of their full-length studio albums until this night of the 28th of April, but as I was feeling like staying in the 90's with my music-listening tonight, BAHA MEN's 1997 album soon became my next selection. Could've picked any of their albums, but how did I know that I would like "I Like What I Like".....and like it a lot? Another awesome selection on my part, if I do say so myself! So here I was expanding my cultural horizons in music once more by enjoying my first extended tour with an artist hailing from The Bahamas, basking in every blissful tune and quite literally being taken away to some beautiful musical island paradise far from reality. Absolutely nothing to 'whine' about as I took in the sunny opener, "Whine'd", which has absolutely nothing to do with 'whining', in fact; it's simply a stylized spelling of 'wind', as in having the lovely lady wound around his body so that they can lose control together. I was all wound up in that goodie for four minutes when the festive title track swept in shortly afterwards, and then I was really ready to get down and dance! Love these songs with the festive island dance rhythms, an appropriate arrangement for a song talking about living your life and being carefree! But it was on the jam even after that one is when I had THE ULTIMATE time of my life: "That's The Way I Get Down". Now this is something that I can REALLY get down with! A spectacular medley that is one half of the BEE GEES' hit "That's The Way" and KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND's hit "Get Down Tonight"—and a spectacular idea altogether, I must add!—marveling in how they seamlessly intermix the signature 'uh-huh, uh-huh' and 'doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo' lyrics sung in "That's The Way" with snippets of 'get down tonight' and 'I like it' thrown in randomly all throughout; it all flows exceptionally well! Hard to top that dynamite dual disco tribute, but I had an equally blast of a good time with so many other offerings in this Bahamian island adventure! There's the beautifully sunny dance cut, "Beautiful Girl" (just listening to the catchy hook makes for many beautiful moments all by itself!), the straight-up classic 90's-style house jams "Living On Sunshine" (feeling so fine like red, red wine on this one, the whole happy melody, the festive rhythm and the brightening lyrics perking me up) and "Gotta Move On", "Follow The Sun" (ooh--such a sweet melody on this one, and I adore their collective soft, soulful voices singing the title lyrics in the main chorus with that light fluttery woodwind breezing through the music in the background) and the spirited upbeat ones that are simply designed to get you up and moving: "Jump In" and "Bounce". Oh, and then there's a pair of jewels that I really, really like: the soothing r&b groove that is "Only Lonely" and, one that I nominated as my latest 'Slow Jam Of The Night', "Heart", which I loved as soon as the cinematic overture in the opening seconds met my ears, then loved even more with the soft, mellow voice delivering the very much heartfelt lyrics—a brilliant solo performance up until the guys on backup join in to propel it to a collective masterpiece:

1. Whine'd
2. I Like What I Like
3. That's The Way I Get Down
4. Beautiful Girl
5. Only Lonely
6. Heart
7. Jump In
8. Living On Sunshine
9. Bounce
10. Follow The Sun
11. Gotta Move On

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